Masked men fire at truck

One man was injured after two masked gun men fired shots at a vehicle in the car park of AL Thompson hardware store in George Town around noon on Sunday. 

The victim was said to have suffered injuries from breaking glass, rather than from a bullet.  

The vehicle, which had two occupants, was driven away from the scene before coming to a stop around 100 yards away in the parking lot of Welly’s Cool Spot.  

The glass in the driver’s side window was cracked, with a bullet sized hole in the center. The back seat window of the Ford F150 pickup truck was completely shattered. A police spokesman said two men, wearing ski masks, had reportedly fired at the vehicle in the store parking lot before escaping on a motor cycle. 

Officers had cordoned off two distinct crime scenes in the area – one in the hardware store parking lot and one around the vehicle, which was parked haphazardly in front of the bar. The store was not open at the time and the car park was deserted when the Cayman Compass visited the scene at around 1 p.m.  

Small groups of people were hanging out on the side street between AL Thompson and Welly’s, which was filled with customers. Bystanders and patrons at the bar claimed not to have seen the incident. 

The victim’s injuries were not believed to be serious. 

robbery car window smash

A man was injured by shattering glass after shots were fired at a vehicle in George Town on Sunday. – PHOTO: JAMES WHITTAKER


  1. There has to be a lot more to this story. To shoot at someone in broad daylight, on an island with not many places to run and hide was a huge risk. I would be looking at the driver of the pickup and wondering why.

  2. WOW, Middle of the Day on a Sunday, really brazen criminals in Cayman nowadays. But one has to ask what these guys were doing in the parking lot maybe waiting for someone, after all the store was closed..Sounds like they got setup for a hit. These types of things happen all over the world unfortunately Cayman is no longer immune. I still love the place but I can’t really say i don’t have to constantly look over my shoulder and keep my guard up when I’m out and around. Funny thing is I actually think my home in the US is safer when I’m away then my property in Cayman is when I’m off Island. That’s something I give credit to the neighborhood watch in my town along with the fact the the cops are there with 10 minutes whenever they are called or an alarm sounds and fully armed to handle any situation. I can only guess at how long it would take them to get to the North Side if my alarm goes off, and what would they really do anyway if someone was in the house other than wait for them to leave and start an investigation.

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