Sonova crew spill Hot Chocolate

Public Beach was a sports-lovers paradise as both football and volleyball shared center stage. 

There was no tension in the sand as the spikers continued in full force for week two of the Digicel Beach Volleyball League. Sonova Beach won AA again, edging out Hot Chocolate last Sunday. Kristopher Brand, an ex-indoor player from Canada, teamed up with local national player Richard Campbell to give the veteran team of Hot Chocolate – consisting of Fareed Hosein, Nchane Jere, Keeble Knight and Ramona Florian – a run for their money.  

Team Funky Monkey put up a good fight with a mixed group of newcomers like Claudia Stich and national players Olney Thompson, who is participating in the league to add some fun into the game between tournaments. It was fun to watch Side Out in their vibrant volleyball gear play hard against the division winners.  

While team Aged to Perfection – featuring Kennedy McGowan, Jeffrey Rivers, Curtis Richards – lost their groove a bit, Sand Monsters were missing a couple players and had to switch game plans to keep from falling too far behind. Other division winners were Who Throws a Shoe, Silver Bullets and Beach Kings – A, B, C divisions respectively. 

The full results are as follows: 

  • Division AA: Sonova Beach, Hot Chocolate, Funky Monkey, Side Out, ATP (Aged to Perfection) and Sand Monsters 
  • Division A: Who Throws a Shoe, Will Work for Sets, Shoe Throws a Who, Team Car Ramrod, Sandy Reginas, Screaming Pelicans, Coors Light 
  • Division B: Silver Bullets, Serving Under the Influence, My Corona Lights, 4 Stars, Sloppy Sets, Wakeboard Cayman, Cummy Bears, Down on Your Knees, Bumpin Uglies, Riptide, Wade’s World, Nice Tips 
  • Division C: Beach Kings, Blood and Sand, Volley Rogers, Friends of Wilson, I’d Hit That, Planet Volleywood, PWC, Sets on the Beach, Notorious DIG, Kiss my Ace, Lucky Spike, BDO, Who Spiked That 

The Digicel league is heading into its third week.