London office chief will be Caymanian

The next head of the Cayman Islands London office will be a Caymanian, it’s just not certain which Caymanian will be chosen.  

Ministry of Home Affairs Chief Officer Eric Bush informed the Legislative Assembly last week that four people had been short-listed for the overseas post, which was filled until this March by a U.K. Lord.  

Lord Blencathra, formerly known as David MacLean, operated as both the head of the office and as the Cayman Islands’ chief lobbyist in the U.K. He was removed from those duties following changes to House of Lords rules that prohibited peers from lobbying the U.K. government.  

Mr. Bush gave some indication that the director’s post, which will be paid far less than the $200,000 per year Lord Blencathra’s company Two Lions received, would likely be an administrative job only.  

“There are other professional services that are planned for other services the London office may start to do,” Mr. Bush said. In other words, that government would hire a separate person to lobby on issues of concern for the Cayman Islands.  

All four short-listed candidates are Caymanian, Mr. Bush said.  


Mr. Bush