Smith siblings have muscled in

Bodybuilding is a huge sport in many parts of the Caribbean but in Cayman there has not been a regular competition since Tiger and Susan Wilson stopped promoting a few years ago.  

So it was not surprising that there was massive interest in the Fitness Extravaganza at the Arts and Recreation Centre in Camana Bay on Saturday when local amateur bodybuilders got a rare chance to flex their stuff. 

The show was presented by Radio Cayman’s bubbly Kathy Miller. 

Mr. Physique Open winner was Jose Luis Bush – a popular and worthy winner judging by the response from the audience – with Olmer Mendez Navas second. Third was Anthony Chin.  

Ms. Bikini was won by Olga Kovtun with Dahlia Grimes and Lynne McGougan second and third, respectively.  

Stephanie MacDonald won the Ms. Figure title and Mr. Physique Amateur winner was Olmer Mendez Navas. Kersean Ewers was second and Brian Robinson third.  

Siblings Jenique and Jason Smith organized the event. “It was amazing and I’m really happy with the turnout,” Jenique said. “We got more people than we expected, over 230 and the contestants were amazing so I’m ecstatic.” 

Jenique works in marketing and loves every aspect of fitness so decided to combine the two, partly to give back to the community and also because there is a big void in bodybuilding events locally. She was pleased that six months of planning and hard work came to fruition without any serious glitches. 

“We’re hoping to make it an annual event and, with the necessary sponsorship, it will be happening every year,” she said. “Both the competitors and audience had a great time, it was an awesome night. For those that missed it, I hope you are at the next show because you missed a really good night. 

“They were all local based competitors but we’re hoping that as we expand over the years we can attract international competitors and make this a really big event.” 


Jason and Jenique Smith organized Fitness Extravaganza.