A Caymanian’s opportunity

I have learned a great many things from reading the newspaper and all the articles that are published about “Caymanians needing work,” however I have also learned that there are good employers out there if you apply yourself and show you are determined to achieve greatness.

When I was jobless, I too complained about the situation of expats and favoritism, but then I decided that I was going to take a different approach. I was not going to wait for the opportunity to find me; instead I would hunt for it. This decision changed my entire outlook and attitude towards life.

The University of the Cayman Islands saw my potential though I was shy, had low self-esteem and turned away from impossible challenges; I found a love for business that altered these qualities and through the work experience program gained employment at PriceWaterCooper in the Cayman Islands. PWC was an outstanding mentor to me and I took the job seriously. It was at this job that I gained my superior organizational skills that I take with me wherever I go.

In 2008 I graduated from UCCI’s Certificate program and was honored with the award of student of the year in the Certificate Program group. If you asked my teachers back in high school, they would have said I never fully applied myself — but for college I saw where I needed to make a change. I remember sitting by my computer for hours looking for human resources email addresses and emailing them regarding an opening position. MaplesFS saw my email and gave me my first full-time job. Years later I asked the person who interviewed me, why me? He said I was shy but I looked like I had plan.

MaplesFS was an outstanding employer, they gave me the experience I needed in accounting. They had a development plan that helped me to set my own goals and they would help me to ensure that I obtained them. I remember approaching them regarding the fact that I wanted to continue my education of which they were more than happy to help financially and emotionally. There were times when I needed help with my homework and my managers, Robyn Joe, Karen Yeo and co-workers would try their best to assist in every way possible, even if it meant a 15-minute team meeting to explain the concepts to me. After five years, I saw the need to move on, the need to further develop myself, so I said my goodbye to MaplesFS and hello to Rawlinson & Hunter.

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Rawlinson & Hunter is also a great employer. During my time here I have been fortunate to interact with a variety of people from all walks of life, people in different positions within and outside the department: people like Katie Euter who takes the time out to help to increase my understanding about accounting as a career path, Conrad Proud who checks in regular on my exams, Gwen Pineau who gives me advice on my speech and exam tactics and Nicole Coe who ensures I stay sane by reminding me to live.

Rawlinson & Hunter believes that providing me with the resources I need (such as education assistance, study leave or even a listening ear) can make a difference in me achieving my goals to not only better myself in their establishment but to serve society better. They are passionate about developing their employees’ skills and knowledge in regard to the business aspects of the organization, and give them the opportunity to utilize these skills to ensure growth and to actively seek higher goals.

They have not forgotten to value their employees. They treat employees as equals and take the time out to listen with an “open door” policy. They have sincere respect for what I do and understand that I have a family as well. The partners are never too busy to communicate with me: “Communication is key,” and with good communication we can all have the same vision and are able to celebrate our wins together. Don’t get me wrong, it is not all fun and games. There are challenges, but I am provided with the right resources to overcome them with a team.

With all this being said. I would like to thank these employers for their interest in me as a young Caymanian woman and for the opportunities they have afforded me to reach higher goals.

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