Miss Teen pageant slated for August

Theme will be Caymanian Woman of the Future

The future of the Miss Cayman beauty pageant may be in doubt, but its younger sister, the Miss Teen Cayman Islands competition, is set to go ahead this summer – though it faces challenges of its own. 

The Miss Teen Cayman Islands beauty pageant, which serves as a fundraiser for the Leo Club of Grand Cayman, is due to be held at the end of August, according to Winston Hayle, president of the Lions Club of Grand Cayman. 

The Cayman Compass reported earlier this week that the Miss Cayman Islands pageant has not been held since 2011 and that its committee chairperson had resigned, leaving the competition in limbo. 

Mr. Hayle acknowledged that finding sponsors and disseminating information about the teenage pageant in time for the August contest is proving challenging. 

The Miss Teen contest usually takes place in August or the first week in September at the Lions Community Center, featuring girls aged between 15 and 17 years old. The deadline entry is usually May 6. 

The Miss Teen organizing committee, comprised of former Leos, past Miss Teens and other experienced individuals, met Wednesday to formalize plans for the event. 

“The formatting of the Miss Teen Cayman Islands 2014 will remain as in previous years but the theme will seek to focus on ‘The Caymanian Woman of the Future’ and, in so doing, turns the spotlight on qualities, vision, intellect, skill-set and talent,” Mr. Hale said. 

He stressed that the Miss Teen beauty pageant is the flagship project of Leo Club of Grand Cayman with the Lions Club of Grand Cayman having over-arching responsibility. 

“This event has, for 35 years, created the opportunity for young ladies to showcase their inner and outward beauty, display their skills and discover talents they never knew they had. It helps young ladies to develop social skills and prepares them for public speaking, conduct, elocution and other social graces,” Mr. Hayle said. 

Working hard to keep the event alive, the Leo Club marked a milestone last year with the crowning of the 35th Miss Teen Cayman Islands – 17-year-old Tishay Shauntae Shennell Heath.  

Besides prizes such as Cayman Airways tickets, the girls receive gift certificates, LIME packages, sports membership and photo shoots. 

“It is a lot of work that goes into the Miss Teen contest,” said Leo Club President Andrica Bailey. 


The reigning Miss Teen Cayman Islands is 17-year-old Tishay Shauntae Shennell Heath, seen here receiving her crown last year.