New award honors youth

Past “Proud of Them” award recipient Lloyd Barker has launched his own awards program to recognize the dedication and hard work of other young people. 

Mr. Barker, 21, presented the “Pursuit of Excellence” award for the first time to Cayman International student David Lee, 16, for his academic and musical achievements. The event took place Thursday at the Arts and Recreation Centre in Camana Bay. 

After receiving the “Yentel McGaw Youth Community Excellence Award” in 2012, Mr. Barker was given the opportunity to create a similar platform for other students. 

“I thought that having something like the ‘Pursuit of Excellence’ award would stimulate and encourage the young persons to want to be better or to want to get into positive activities and positive engagements,” he said. 

He added that, although he was honored to receive the “Proud of Them” award for his academic achievements, he felt it was important to offer an award that “anyone could get” so long as they “are striving for excellence.” 

The excellence award is based on three aspects; academics, character and community involvement.  

Mr. Lee has a passion for music and plays for local band Inverse, which has opened for iconic soft-rock band Air Supply.  

“I guess it just gives me the confidence to go out there and do what I need to do and it gives people that are my age inspiration to get involved with the community and play music,” said Mr. Lee. 

Mr. Barker said that out of all the other private school nominees, “David appeared to have been the most well rounded, who is achieving greatness, not only for himself but also for others. His altruism and discipline are commendable.” 

Mr. Barker is presenting awards to students from a private and a public school. The public school recipient will be awarded on June 23. 

Mr. Barker is an honor student at Carleton University in Ontario, Canada, where he is studying to attain a bachelors of arts in law with a concentration in business law and a minor in communication studies. 


Lloyd Barker presents the ‘Pursuit of Excellence’ award to David Lee, 16, for his academic and musical achievements.