Teen chosen for excellence award

Alyssa Ebanks, 16, was chosen for the “Pursuit of Excellence Award,” a scheme rolled out this year by a past “Proud of Them” recipient.

After receiving the “Yentel McGaw Youth Community Excellence Award” recognition in 2012, Lloyd Barker was inspired to create an awards scheme to recognize two students per year from both a private and public school.

Mr. Barker, 21, presented the award to Ms. Ebanks this week for the public school category. Last week, the award was presented for the first time to Cayman International student David Lee, 16, in the private school category.

Ms. Ebanks attends John Gray High School and has played an active role in the community, having taken part in annual Chamber of Commerce roadside and beach cleanups since she was seven years old.

“With a record such as hers, Alyssa deserves being the first ever Pursuit of Excellence Award recipient in a public school because she represents balance, determination, and benevolence,” said Mr. Barker.

“Her humanitarian qualities amalgamated with her great sense of motivation are proof she has a promising future ahead of her, filled with academic, vocational, and community success,” he added.

Ms. Ebanks said this award was particularly special coming from another young person.

“Getting rewarded for your efforts is always nice, but getting recognition from your peers sends a special message – especially at a time when many young people often feel that their efforts go unnoticed,” she said.