Cop car crashes in chase

A police cruiser crashed into a parked cement truck during a suspect pursuit Friday afternoon, injuring the officer involved in the chase.

Royal Cayman Islands Police officers responded to a hit and run report on Sparkys Drive around 4:30 p.m. Friday.

A police statement on the accident indicated: “While responding to the report, the driver of the police unit observed the vehicle that had fled the scene. The officer then proceeded to follow the vehicle, which refused to stop in spite of the police vehicle activating their lights and siren.

“In the process of attempting to apprehend the driver, the police vehicle ran off the road and into the premises of National Concrete, where it collided with a parked cement truck.”

The police cruiser sustained major damage to its front end. The police report did not indicate whether the patrol car could be repaired.

The cement truck received only minor damages. The hit and run driver was never located.

The officer taken to hospital was treated for minor injuries and released.


  1. We should be grateful that someone was not killed or seriously injured.

    I fully understand the need to quickly apprehend suspected criminals. However, it is critical that the RCIPS take public safety into consideration before engaging in any potentially dangerous pursuit.

    On a small island with a vast array of public safety cameras it should not be necessary for the RCIPS to endanger the lives of innocent citizens and other residents.

  2. We’ve had a crackdown on tinted windows – Perhaps now is the time for a crackdown on deliberately obscured licence plates.

    We’ve all seen the vehicles with the licence plates covered with a dark tinted plastic – hard enough to read in daylight when directly behind them at traffic lights let alone while moving, at night or perhaps … after a hit and run!

    These are there for one purpose only and it is not legitimate – If I’m correct the offence isn’t about having or not having a licence plate – it is about DISPLAYING it.

    Even when the licence is correct and visible, it is often difficult to later prove who was driving at the time of an incident unless they are arrested in the vehicle in question immediately afterwards.

    That said, anyone seen the condition of the road surface on Sparky’s near the cement plant?

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