Girls’ Brigade heads to Australia

A group of 21 delegates, officers and brigaders are flying to the land down under Monday to represent the Cayman Islands Girls’ Brigade at the International Conference of Girls’ Brigade. 

Brigader Shanna Linwood-McLaughlin, 20, said she has been looking forward to this trip for a long time, having heard about it when she first became a member of the Girls Brigade at 10 years old. 

“I am feeling lucky that I get to go on this trip. I remember when I was younger and my sister went, my mom and I wanted to go. I’m excited to actually meet people from different countries, like Africa and all those places I have never been to,” said Ms. Linwood-McLaughlin.  

“I’m excited to learn about their cultures and also to share my culture with them and just to make new girlfriends from around the world and to have those memories with me. To be able to see how they view God and compare my views with them and just learn from them really,” she added. 

The International Conference of Girls’ Brigade is held once every four years and brigaders must be 18 years or older. The purpose of the conference is for all five fellowships of the Girls’ Brigade – Asia, Caribbean and Americas, Europe, Africa, and Pacific – to come together to attend meetings, elect officials, plan for the development of Girls’ Brigade internationally and attend workshops and tours.  

“I’m just really excited to participate in an international arena, and just looking forward to networking, and learning how we can improve the Girls’ Brigade in Cayman,” said Cayman delegate Michelle Barnes-Ebanks.  

“We have a large contingent representing the Cayman Islands that we are very proud of. We are just very happy to be going there and looking forward to gaining as much knowledge and experience that we can from the conference.” 

This is Ms. Ebanks’ first time serving as international delegate and during her trip she will participate in discussion meetings and various workshops.  

Chairwoman Debra McLauglin will also present a report to the rest of the attendees at the international conference updating the rest of the groups around the world on the status of the Cayman Islands Girls’ Brigade. 

The Cayman Islands Girls’ Brigade has attended International Conference of Girls’ Brigade since 1988, which was held in the Cook Islands. The Cayman Islands Girls’ Brigade has also attended conferences in Ireland, Brisbane in Australia, Thailand, Northern Ireland and Malaysia. 

The conference runs from July 4 to 11. 


Members of the Cayman Islands Girls’ Brigade are on their way to Perth, Australia for an international conference held once every four years.