Pitch Please boot The Goon Squad

Kickball remains a popular pursuit for Cayman Islands residents. 

That fact came clear as more than 160 people participated in the dms broadcasting kickball tournament, presented by Powerade. The Field of Dreams witnessed 16 teams kicking for glory, with Pitch Please emerging champions for the second straight year and taking home the grand prize of $2,500 cash.  

Pitch Please beat The Goon Squad in the finals. There were a number of colorful team names like Kick In The Grass, Balls N Dolls and dms team What The FATCA. Cayman’s sporting fraternity was well represented with hockey stalwarts Ryan Pull and Brendan Rainonen and baseball prodigies such as Dequan Bennett making plays alongside basketball players like Curtis Wilson and a bevy of footballers such as Abijah Rivers, Benjamin Cupid and Gabriel Godet.  

Members of the Cayman Islands Softball Association and the Cayman Islands Little League Association served as match referees, including Marlon Thomas, Donald Watler and Chris McField. Interestingly, participants used rubber balls in line with the World Adult Kickball Association, the recreational sport’s international governing body. It should be noted that kickball, a childhood favorite for many local residents, is a hybrid sport often called soccer-baseball that features the same rules as in baseball with the big difference being that one must kick a large rubber ball rather than hit a baseball with a bat. 

The competition was in aid of the Cayman Islands Humane Society, which received part of the event proceeds. Typically, the tournament serves as one of the main fundraising avenues for the animal shelter each year and results in thousands of dollars that can be used for various initiatives. 


Benjamin Cupid had a good time.


Natalie Cutting was among the 160 participants. – PHOTOS: MATTHEW YATES

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