Students intern at Health City Cayman Islands

Six students started an internship at Health City Cayman Islands this week, and another 10 Caymanian students will participate as interns later this month.

Health City’s first set of internships are primarily with a medical focus. Fourteen high school and university students will gain exposure to a wide range of medical specialities, and the other two students will gain insight into maintenance/building operations and marketing, hospital officials said.

The internships vary from two weeks to two months.

“We offer our internships to give students a taste of the various areas of the medical fields in which we specialize,” said Dr. Chandy Abraham, medical and facility director at Health City.

“These include cardiac surgery, cardiology, orthopaedics, pulmonary and paediatric endocrinology. It is a broad spectrum and we are sure the students will enjoy the variety of subject matter we are able to show them,” said Dr. Chandy.

He said the goal of the internship is to have “one third of all medical staff be Caymanian in the coming decade.”

“Honourable Tara Rivers [Minister of Education, Employment and Gender Affairs], Councilor [Winston] Connolly and the ministry have confirmed they will continue to support and play a vital role in helping Health City Cayman Islands achieve its goal of having 100 interns in the calendar year of 2015,” said Gene Thompson, project director, Health City.

Mr. Connolly said he is excited about the program and that he hoped the young Caymanians would use the internship to further their careers.


  1. Excellent opportunity they have presented to these young men and women…

    Good Luck to them all..Work Hard and grasp your future in your hands. And remember this is a previledge you will have to prove yourself worthy of, make us all proud..

    I can’t wait to read about the first young Caymanian Doctor that started there as a intern.

    I hope the CIG supports them with financial assistance throughout their medical training. Hell, if you can spend 10 Million on Turtles you can afford to help a young aspiring Caymanian Doctor

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