Summer’s the theme for Ritz-Carlton arts show

Step into the bridge gallery at the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman, at the moment and you’ll step right into an exhibition of some of Cayman’s best established and brand new artists’ work. 

Curated by local artist Chris Christian, the show is full of ideas, colors and styles. Weekender spoke with the man himself to get the lowdown on all things artsy. 

The theme is “Summer Memories” – what prompted that as an idea? 

“Summer Memories” is a collection of images that span the entire Cayman Islands, with each artist painting or photographing images that they have connected to as a memory. It’s important to showcase artistic interpretation of images through different styles, whether they are abstract, realistic or impressionistic, in order to capture some of the beautiful and vibrant images that can be seen throughout the islands. 

There are many artists working in various media. Can you tell us a little bit about some of the people involved? 

Artists include Gordon Solomon, Al Ebanks, Randy Chollette and Chris Christian (from the Native Sons art group), and then established artists such as Christel Ibsen, Avril Ward, Courtney Platt, Laurel Schmid and new and up-coming artists Kylie Vallo, April Bending, Grace Marcar, Kerwin Ebanks, Tansy Maki, Kara Julian and Jerome Wilson. 

There are lots of new artists – what does this say about Cayman’s art scene right now? 

Over the last eight and a half years as a director/curator at the Ritz-Carlton Gallery, I’ve seen the development of their work. The art has become stronger and I’m proud to be a part of this. 

Yonier Powery is the featured artist. Can you tell us a bit about him, his background, his work and why he is featured this time? 

We chose Yonier Powery as a featured artist because we like to bring attention to some of Cayman’s talented artists. Powery was born in the Isle of Pines, Cuba, in 1983. He began his career at the Professional Academy of Visual Arts under the tutelage of Wilfredo Lam. He works in drawing, painting, ceramic, sculpture and readymades. Since moving to Cayman in 2010, he has continued to pursue his work and has a close connection to Cayman through both family and marriage. He has participated in many national and international exhibitions and won awards for his work. 

How long is the exhibition running and is it open to all? 

The art exhibition is open to the public and will last for around three months. 


“Fusion” by featured artist Yonier Powery.

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