Burglary spree in George Town

More than a dozen homes and businesses were broken into in just over 24 hours in an unusual spike in burglaries late last week.

One woman who confronted the intruders in her home was threatened with a knife and physically assaulted, police said.

Police are not saying if they believe the 14 burglaries, 11 of which took place in George Town, on Thursday and Friday are linked. They have appealed for people to be vigilant amid an increase in burglaries generally.

There were 731 burglaries in total in 2013 – an average of just over two a day – up dramatically from 502 in 2012.

Between 9 a.m. on July 3 and 1 p.m. July 4, 14 properties were hit, including two “commercial premises.” which Police declined to name.

As well as 11 burglaries in the capital, there was one in West Bay, one in Bodden Town and one in North Side.

During one raid on a home off Linford Pearson Highway, a woman was threatened at knifepoint by three men who made off with around $330 in cash and coins.

“The homeowner was awoken and confronted by three offenders; one of the offenders was armed with a knife and they demanded money…

“The home owner who was physically assaulted during the ordeal received a small cut to her hand,” police said in a statement.

Two of the offenders spoke with a Caymanian accent and all three wore dark clothing with their faces masked, police said.

Detective Chief Inspector Malcolm Kay urged the public to be vigilant and report suspicious activity.

He said, “The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service remains committed to investigating all reports of burglaries at both commercial and residential properties.

“Once again, I am appealing to the public to assist us to keep these islands safe by reporting any suspicious activities. This may be as simple as observing an unusual person or vehicle in a neighborhood or around a business premises at a strange time.

“Anything out of the ordinary may be of great help to us if something should occur in an area. Making a note of the person or their vehicle license plate can give us a great starting point when commencing an investigation.”

In a separate police operation on Thursday, four people were arrested in connection with previous burglaries. A search warrant was executed and stolen property was recovered. The suspects were interviewed and are currently on police bail while the investigations continue.


  1. ‘The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service remains committed to investigating all reports of burglaries at both commercial and residential properties.’

    The above statement by the RCIPS says all that needs to be said. The RCIPS primarily reacts and responds to reports of criminal activity that has already taken place and can do very little to actually prevent anyone from becoming a victim of violent criminals.

    The RCIPS and CIG need to allow people to protect themselves and their families and until that is done we will all be nothing more than easy pickings for the ever increasing number of violent criminals that we have in the Cayman Islands.

  2. The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service remains committed to investigating all reports of burglaries. How about being committed to stamping out or stopping burglaries. Is easy for thieves in a place when the policy just wait in the shadows for the thieves to complete their tasks and then only ask questions. They also know that homeowners are not allowed to protect themselves. The days of leaving your windows open for a cool breeze while you sleep is long gone. The landscape of Cayman will soon be windows covered in bars or Burglar Proof ops I mean Hurricane proof Windows. Also, a home security system is no longer an option it’s a requirement. A Ferris wheel in GT and burglaries in every district, my Cayman is starting to seem more and more like Miami. Anyone notice how many gated communities are going up? All inclusive resorts with recommendations of not going out at night or even leaving the compound for your own safety will be next.

  3. I am actually amazed at the thumbs down. I guess there’s either thieves reading the Compass and like the way things are with the easy pickings, like taking candy from a baby or RCIPS officers reading that like the safety of reactively investigating crimes and don’t want to be put in a position where they have to actually actually fight crime.
    Question, can somebody give me an idea of how long it would take for the RCIPS to respond to a security system alert in North Side. Is the security system enough or do you also need to turn your home into a fortress when you’re away such as with security gates or burglar proof windows. I understand that hurricane rated windows can also keep crooks out, is that true?
    I am always worried that when I arrive on island that I might find my place broken into and everything gone when I get there, so I’m trying to figure out the best way to protect my property.

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