No distillery for Dart

Plans to turn part of a George Town warehouse into a distillery have been rejected by the Central Planning Authority.

Cayman Distributors Group submitted a change of use application in May to allow the Dart-owned company to transform part of the Eastern Avenue warehouse into a production facility.

The application would have enabled the company to blend and bottle its own brands on island.

Minutes from a Central Planning Authority meeting state that the property was zoned general commercial and the proposed use was not permitted in such a zone.

“A distillery is not included in the description of allowable uses within the General Commercial zone and the Department is of the view that it should be considered a heavy industrial use as it is a form of manufacturing,” the minutes read.

“In this regard, the application could not be approved as the site is zoned General Commercial.”

Cayman Distributors Group managing director Matthew Bishop said the company respects the decision and is now reviewing its reasons and future options, in detail.

“There are significant cost advantages to producing liquor on island, and the application was part of our ongoing efforts to reduce the existing production costs of our house brands,” Mr. Bishop said.

The Cayman Spirts Company, which is the island’s sole distillery, had objected to the application in May.

The company had suggested the distillery would allow Dart too much control over the alcohol industry.

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