MacRae mined gold in Barbados as open water program grows

Katie Klein and Catriona MacRae were in Barbados for the Caribbean Islands Swimming Championships which ended on Monday and they were back at training in Cayman two days later. 

The pair competed in open water and pool events. Following Cayman’s recent success in the Flowers International 5k and 10k events, the swimmers went to Barbados to get more experience.  

MacRae, 16, competed in the 10k event and was second female overall and first in her age group, winning the gold medal. Klein, 14, who will be attending Baylor School in Tennessee in August, was the youngest open water swimmer. 

Head coach of the trip and Cayman Islands Amateur Swimming Association’s Technical Director Bailey Weathers was there. He said, “We are proud of both swimmer’s achievements at CISC. The key to success in open water is gaining experience. The more open water races, the better the swimmer becomes. We are looking forward to continuing the development of all of our swimmers.” 

Michael Lockwood is CIASA’s president. He said it was a pleasure to see the swimmers competing in an open water race in the region, giving them a chance to hone their skills.  

“Open water swimming is very different from the pool because no two race routes will ever be the same,” Lockwood said.  

“Gaining open water experience internationally will supplement the experience they get here at home and will contribute to their overall development in the sport.” 

He thanked the Cayman Islands Olympic Committee for providing the funding to support the athletes for the Barbados trip.  

“With their continued support, Cayman open water swimming will continue to grow.”  


Catriona MacRae won gold in Barbados.

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