Runners rally to support HospiceCare

Runners went the extra mile at the Deputy Governor’s 5K Challenge to help Derek Haines raise $1 million for Cayman HospiceCare.

More than 650 walkers and runners cranked up the heat on May 25 at the challenge, raising $12,500. The funds, given to Mr. Haines at a reception hosted by Governor Helen Kilpatrick on July 3, will go toward a new inpatient facility at the HospiceCare.

“This was tremendous. Next year’s will be bigger and better,” said Deputy Governor Franz Manderson.

Mr. Haines, the 65-year-old marathon veteran, is on a worldwide mission to run 156 miles of marathons in eight months. To date, he has completed three marathons. He hit the halfway mark on June 28 when he crossed the finish line at the Paloma marathon in Spain, and has raised $600,000 for the HospiceCare.

The $1 million total goal, in addition to helping build an inpatient facility, will offset current monthly rental costs of $6,000.

“When Derek came to us with this idea, it was as an amazing surprise. What a gift. We truly need a purpose- built home for Cayman HospiceCare as we continue to expand our services, which we will continue to provide at no cost to our patients or their families,” said Jennifer Grant-McCarthy, operations and fundraising manager of Cayman HospiceCare.

“Derek has rallied the community in a way I think no other person here could. The enthusiasm is amazing, as seen by both the amount raised thus far and the people taking time and effort to get involved. The CHC team is so grateful to be involved in this amazing campaign,” she added.

At the moment, Mr. Haines is gearing up to run the San Francisco marathon on July 27. Next up after that is Dublin on Oct. 27, and finally the Cayman Marathon on Dec. 7.

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