Record-breaking year for Brac students

Cayman Brac students were lauded for a record-breaking year of exam success during a graduation ceremony at Layman E. Scott High School. 

The school achieved a best-ever rate of just over 70 percent of students achieving five “good passes” at GCSE or CXC exams – also known as a Level 2 diploma. 

A record 57 percent of students at the high school also achieved the higher benchmark of a Level 2 diploma with honors, seven “good passes” – A* to C in GCSEs or 1 to 3 in CXCs. 

“This graduating class is undoubtedly the highest achieving graduating class in the history of this school and, while undocumented, is assuredly the highest achieving graduating class ever in the Cayman Islands,” said Principal Adrian Jones in his graduation report at the ceremony last month. 

He paid tribute to the efforts of staff, students and their parents over the years to achieve those results, which he said would improve even further once the Year 12 results come through. 

“These results are a testimony to the unswerving commitment of our school to develop an ethos that engenders good discipline, respect, hard work and commitment,” he added. 

There were 26 students in the graduating class. The initial results are based on their 2013 exam performance at the end of Year 11. For those students who did not hit their targets in Year 11, there is an opportunity to retake exams or pursue other qualifications in Year 12. Mr. Jones said the results would be even better once those scores were thrown into the mix. 

“With the new model of secondary education, students now take external examinations at the end of Year 11. The final year of their journey allows them to pursue individual paths offering new and unexpected horizons,” he said. 

He said Layman Scott’s results reflected improvement across the Cayman Islands generally. 

“Our success and the success of our students is undoubtedly influencing change across our system,” he added. 

“Tonight we celebrate with a class of outstanding achievers and look futuristically to the major positions they will hold in our society.”  

Layman E. Scott results 

Level 1 Diplomas: Eight graduates (at least 5 level 1 subjects: Grades 4-6 or D–G, including math and English) 

Level2: 18 graduates, broken down: 

Level 2 Diploma: One graduate (at least five Level 2 subjects: Grades 1-3 or A* to C, including math and English) 

Level 2 Diploma with Honors: 15 graduates (at least seven Level 2 subjects: Grades 1-3 or A* to C, including math and English) 

Level 2 Diplomas with High Honors: Two graduates (at least nine subjects: Grades 1-2 or A* to B, including math and English) 


The Layman E. Scott High School Class of 2014

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