Training session held on mental health law

Participants in the first of a series of training sessions on mental health legislation in Cayman learned about their specific role, as well as the definitions, types of detention orders, comparison between the old legislation and the new, and the right of the patient or nearest relative to appeal.

Participants in the Mental Health Commission’s session on Friday included staff from the RCIPS, Department of Community Rehabilitation, the Counseling Center, Department of Children and Family Services, Judicial Administration, National Drug Council, Cayman Islands Red Cross, Prison Service, and both private and public mental health professionals.

Deputy Chief Officer of the Ministry of Health Nancy Barnard chaired the training session. The presenters were Julene Banks, Dr. Taylor Burrowes Nixon and Dr. Marc Lockhart.

Some wide-ranging amendments were made to the Cayman Islands mental health law last year aimed at improving the administration of care and safe housing for the mentally ill. The law also permitted the formation of the Mental Health Commission.

Future training sessions are planned for teachers, health are workers, lay persons, counselors and other mental health professionals.

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