Planning your wedding is a snap with this app

First impressions 

I’ve never been married (hard to believe, isn’t it?) but as I’m the editor of What’s Hot magazine, and this month’s theme is “weddings,” I suddenly know more about nuptials than Kim Kardashian. 

There is no doubt that the Cayman Islands make for a pretty amazing backdrop, and there are wedding planners, event companies, entertainers and resorts aplenty, ready to help you enjoy your special day. As you can well imagine, there are also loads and loads of apps available for iOS and Android devices, so you can keep track of everything from the flowers to the caterers and the guests. 

I may not have been married, but I’ve attended a lot of weddings, been a maid-of-honor for two or three, and have sung at plenty. One thing I know for sure is that organization is the key to minimizing the number of nervous breakdowns. That, and accepting the fact that your wedding isn’t really your big day – it’s everyone else’s. 

I decided to pick an app at random that didn’t really cost much, to see what was available on the market; hence I downloaded the Wedding Planner for Brides app. 

How it works 

The first thing this app wants to know when you first open it, is the date of your wedding. Clearly it has a fair bit of experience with these things, as in the top left-hand corner of the “Countdown” page, it gives you the option to change the date. 

Once you’ve entered a date, the page will offer the following headings: “Guests,” “To-Do List,” and “Budget.” Your “Countdown” page is now a summary of what you’ve got sorted so far, who’s coming to your wedding, and (most importantly) what it’s going to cost. 

Along the bottom of the screen are icons representing the information in the summary. For example, “Guests,” is where you add people you’re inviting, their address, and even what table they’ll be seated at. You can also note whether you’ve sent the invitation yet or not, and if they have confirmed that they’ll attend. There is even a “Child” tab. This app has thought of everything. 

The “To-Do List” is a fascinating page to view, as it lists pretty much every element of your wedding that needs to be covered. It will probably suggest options that hadn’t even crossed your mind (“Request vacation time” and “Contact the various authorities” were two of my favorites), which is good, as sometimes people can’t see the forest for the trees when they are arranging their wedding and might miss something vital. 

It also offers a timeline when the steps need to be completed, and if you’re not bothered with some of the options, you can simply delete them. Is there an option that you need included that it doesn’t list? Simply add it by tapping the “+” icon at the top. 

The “Expenses” page is one of the most vitally important, as if you’re not careful, costs can spiral out of control. Broken down into all elements of the wedding, from the bride and bridegroom to the flowers, decorations and honeymoon, you’ll be able to keep track of the budget, mark which items have been paid for, and which still need to be covered. 

The final icon along the bottom deals with “Vendors,” so you can have all the contact details for vendors at your fingertips. Store their name, address, phone number, email, website, time schedule, and whether you have paid them or not. 

You’ll realize very quickly that you don’t need any kind of tutorial for this app. It’s very easy to navigate and pretty self-explanatory. That alone makes it a useful app to have. If you’re up to your eyeballs with wedding plans, the last thing you want to deal with is an app that requires a physics degree. 

When I tried it 

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been a part of many weddings, but never been a bride. I therefore had not much of an inkling as to exactly what went into planning one of them. By the time I’d made my way through this app and looked at the “To-Do List,” my head was spinning. No wonder there are such things as Bridezillas in the world. How could anyone keep track of such things? With an app, of course! 

I decided that if I ever get married, I may use an app like this for my own interest, but I’m definitely hiring a wedding planner. 

Final thoughts 

The Wedding Planner for Brides app seems to have all the right information, and can be modified to suit your particular wedding. It can also be synched with other devices so your lucky bridegroom can be kept abreast of everything you’ve got in store for him, and you can keep your guests in the loop as plans progress. 

One thing that tickled me is the App Store stating that it can be used by anyone 4 years and older, ‘cos of course every five year-old is looking to plan their wedding from early. 


Inexpensive. Easy to use. A great tool. 


You’ll realize just how much you’ve got to plan. 

Wedding Planner for Brides

Cost: $1.99

  • Seller: Julia Eysoldt

  • Devices: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad
Rating: E for Everyone 



This is where the magic begins – the countdown.


You can modify the “To-Do List” to suit your particular nuptials.


Store all the information for the guests you’ve invited.


It’s a great way to keep track of your expenses.

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