Gov’t asks ‘Should Cayman introduce Daylight Saving?’

The public is being asked to provide feedback on the proposed introduction of Daylight Saving Time in the Cayman Islands.

The government is seeking comments on Daylight Saving Time, which would mean adjusting clocks one hour forward during the longer summer months and back in the fall.

Commerce Minister Wayne Panton said for tourism, the time change would mean an increase in the time cruise ships are at port, would stimulate shopping and dining experiences, and would make the time adaptation easier for visitors.

Mr. Panton said financially the change would put Cayman more in sync with the large client base in New York, and help eliminate discrepancies in travel schedules.

“The move to DST has potential benefits for the traditional pillars of our community – tourism and financial services,” he said.

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Chamber of Commerce chief executive officer Wil Pineau said the Chamber of Commerce had conducted a survey on Daylight Saving last year and had found 56 percent of respondents supported the idea of Cayman introducing the changes.

The Chamber Council shared these results with the Ministry of Commerce in early 2014. Daylight Saving Time is a subject that has been debated and discussed since the 1970s, Mr. Pineau said.

“It would be more efficient for Cayman to be in synch with New York and there would be less of a time gap between Cayman and U.K. time. As these are two important markets for the financial services industry, as well as other parts of the world that recognizes DST, it is clear why the switch to DST may be desirable for those industries,” he said.

“There seems to be support for DST, based on the fact that the tourism related businesses expect an increase in revenues as a direct result of DST. The positive economic impact on tourism related appears to be common worldwide and the result has been born out in several other countries.”

The discussion paper and online survey are available at The consultation period ends Oct. 30.

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  1. Please first tell me the reason for Daylight Saving anywhere.
    It doesn’t save daylight, it just moves it from the morning to the evening.

    It was apparently originally introduced in the USA to give congressmen an extra hour of golf.

    It was sold to the public as help for farmers but hardly anyone works on farms now. Yet this twice yearly ritual of changing clocks persists.

    Incidentally, DST starts on a different date in the UK from the USA.
    UK started 30 Mar 2014, ends 26 Oct 2014.
    USA started 9 Mar 2014, ends 2 Nov 2014.

    So USA starts 3 weeks earlier and ends a week later.
    So would we match the mother country or the USA?

    Just leave it alone.

  2. The only true advantage I can see is being an hour closer to the UK for the full year.

    One of the arguments for DST in non-tropical areas is energy savings due to having an extra hour of natural light and potentially being out of the house for an extra hour in the evenings, so not using so many household appliances. Even these benefits are marginal these days though. However the reason very few tropical countries adopt DST is because any energy savings from these factors is more than offset due to increased air-con use in the evenings while people are awake and the house now has an extra hour of sun to cool from. Keeping that hour of sun in the morning isn’t so bad on air-con because you’re either sleeping or leaving the house soon after, so likely not trying to cool your house as much.

    I could go either way on it really, but I don’t see much advantage since we’re already nearer to the equator than most countries who use it.

  3. It may seem like a small and inconsequential thing but an hour extra daylight in the evening would make a massive difference to anyone in the recreational boating business, watersports industry and the aforementioned golfing trade.. Simply put, the hour of daylight from 6am to 7am would be better utilized @ the end of the day allowing businesses which can only run during the day continue for an hour longer (when people are actually going to avail of their services).. Stingray trips, boat/jetski rentals, golf courses would all benefit financially from this simple action…