Cayman is ‘proud’ of Lopez-Francis

Loshana Lopez-Francis, 16, is one of the recipients in the Cayman Islands government’s third round of the Proud of Them nominations. 

“I felt honored to be recognized for my academic and extracurricular achievements so far, and I hope that I serve as an example to my peers and those younger than me of what you can achieve if you set your mind to it,” said Loshana. 

Loshana was vice-president of human resources of her Junior Achievement company in 2013 and, during the summer of that year, she represented the Cayman Islands at the Global Young Leaders Conference. Earlier this year, she acted as deputy governor in the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association’s seventh Youth Parliament at the Cayman Islands Legislative Assembly. She was also a co-host on the weekly radio show, YouthFlex, on Radio Cayman. 

Now in pursuit of a career in the medical field, Loshana is in her second year of A-Level courses at Cayman Prep and High School. She aspires to further her studies at a university in the United Kingdom and then return to serve her country. 

“I choose to pursue the medical field because I have always been involved in community service and I consider myself to be a compassionate person and having a career that allows me to continue doing this in a more effective way is probably the ideal way I would like to spend my life,” said Loshana. 

This year, she graduated from Clifton Hunter High School with 13 external examination passes, where she was recognized for having maintained a high GPA with a “Top 10” Academic Student Award and as Most Outstanding Student in three subjects – Mathematics, English and Spanish. She was also head girl of her graduating class.  


Loshana has played key roles in extracurricular activities, such as the Rotary Science Fair, having won first place in the Physics and Chemistry category along with a fellow classmate in 2010. She pursued an interest in playing the flute from an early age, participating in the National Children’s Festival of the Arts and receiving several awards for her performances.  

She was a member of the National Girls’ Volleyball Team and a contestant in the Miss Teen Cayman pageant last year. In June 2012, she was elected charter president of the Alpha Leo Club of Clifton Hunter High School. She was also head of student council and a peer counsellor.  

She served as mistress of ceremonies at the official school opening and the 2013 graduation. In this capacity, she organized the first Year 11 formal event as a way for the school-leavers to commemorate their time at Clifton Hunter High School.  

Proud of Them 

The Proud of Them initiative, through a public nomination process, honors individuals in the categories of academics, careers, business, sports, culture or community service. Each person selected will be featured for six months at a time on billboards placed across the Cayman Islands. They also receive a certificate and $500.  


Loshana Lopez-Francis

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