Florek is back to pre-baby form

The annual Krys 30k solo run in East End guaranteed new champions in the men’s and women’s races because last year’s winners now live abroad.  

The race on Sunday started and finished at Morritt’s Resort and perennial women’s marathon champ Beth Florek showed that she is nearing her old form after having a baby by winning it comfortably. With the Cayman Marathon only five weeks away, Florek may be in shape to defend the title she has won so many times in recent years.  

The cloudy conditions kept the sun at bay for most of the race which was what most distance runners want, but the downside is that there was a strong wind making the last 5k tougher than liked.  

Being tired and hanging on to the end is hard enough, but running head-on into a strong wind saps the energy out of most runners.  

Results show what effect the wind had on many of the runners as most of them had a much slower last 10k than the first two legs of the race. 

Florek ran consistently throughout and smashed the old course record for women by over eight minutes with an impressive time of 2 hours, 20 minutes and 44 seconds, at an average pace of 7:32 minutes per mile.  

The second female was Joanna Mansi (2:37:06), with former champion Helki Weber (2:39:57) struggling with injuries but still an impressive third place. 

In the men’s race, Tobias Muchene moved up in distance to challenge the long-distance runners and for most of the way was in the lead ahead of Andrew Keast, who was fresh off a sub-three hour marathon in Detroit the week earlier and struggling to keep up on his tired legs.  

At the 20k point, Muchene had a healthy two-minute lead but both runners were starting to feel fatigued. Running into the head wind, the final 10k was at a slower pace, but Keast is an experienced marathon runner and used this to gradually claw Muchene back and eventually overtook him to win in a time of 2:23:06 and second overall.  

Muchene has every reason to be proud of his run, finishing third in 2:24:09.  

An excellent run saw Matthew Volkwyn take third place male in 2:28:36, with Caser Aparil finishing strongly behind him in 2:28:55 

Race Caribbean director Derek Larner said, “Congratulations to all who completed and earned the shoe award. Race Caribbean appreciates your support and will continue to work hard to improve our races. Big thanks to all who volunteered and made it all happen.” 

In the Halloween 10-10-10, the Phoenix Athletics Club did not defend the title they had won the previous three years, although some of the runners were in different teams this time.  

The new champions and this year’s winners were the MDR A-team with a new team course record of 2:6:55, beating Phoenix’s previous mark of 2:07.41 and were worthy winners.  

They did not have it all their own way and this was a nip and tuck race and close to the end. The first team through leg 1 was Quads of Fury with Tobias Muchene coming through the 10k mark in 42:00, well ahead of Fabian McCallum (43:52) of the MDRs and Kevin Connolly (team Cronometros) not far behind in 44:36.  

Tiffany Cole smashed her previous best leg 1 time, finishing in 43:58 and putting the MDR Gurls in a healthy lead in the all-female team race. The next fastest lady was Roz Glanfield in 48:00. 

In leg 2, Dominic Dyer had the best time of 39:14 – a record – and taking the MDR A-Team into the lead.  

The ever improving DJ Evans ran an extremely quick leg (40:30) for Cronometros, moving them into second place team, with the Quads of Fury still in contention in third place.  

The ladies race was no change, with Kiara McLaughlin (MDR Gurls) and Jillian Lillentra running similar times of 47:01 and 46:58, respectively.  

An impressive run from Michelle Lamont of Blood, Sweat and Beers of 45:04 is a new best leg 2 time for females. In leg 3, the heat was on for Delano Callender, out in front for the MDRs, knowing the experienced Marlon Crowe was chasing him down.  

Callender is normally a half-miler on the track so running 10k (6.4 miles) is not his best distance and he wasn’t sure if he should run out very quickly to extend the gap between him and Crowe, but have to hang on at the end, or, should he ease into the run, let Crowe catch him up but then speed up and have a stronger finish.  

Crowe took the baton from Evans and went quickly after Callender, closing the gap to within 150 meters and had Callender looking nervously over his shoulder.  

Crowe ran a very good leg and was 80 seconds quicker than Callender, who hung on long enough to make his team champions for 2014.  

The second place team, Chronometros, ran extremely well and also beat the old course record. The fastest leg 3 of the day was Samuel Young for The Caminos, who ended up in fourth place.  

However, it was Quads of Fury who had Thomas Neuert (47:10) run the last and claimed third place team.  

In the ladies race, the MDR Gurls had the lead at the start of leg 3 with Marlena Williams, just back from injury, trying to hold off Megan Holt for the top spot, but it was Holt who closed the distance, making the 3 Ghouls the new champions in a new course record of 2:26:07. 

Larner said, “This was the first time we had tested the chip-timing system using batons and we are pleased that it was a resounding success with no times lost. We look forward to using these in the Cross Island Relay and Off The Beaten Track next year.” 

Larner also thanked KRys Global for being the sponsor and to Morritt’s for hosting the race at short notice. He also praised the cadets who manned the water stops, the timers and other volunteers helping at the finish line and with registration. 

“This year, the East End 5k attracted 34 participants,” said Larner. “Thanks to the those who competed in fancy dress, giving the event a more Halloween feel.” 

Last year’s winner, Paul Williams, ran a similar time (21:14), but it wasn’t quick enough this year as he was beaten into third place, by Stuart Bray coming second place in 20:41. The overall winner was Tahj Lewis in a course record of 19:33. 

The ladies race was won by zombie face-painted Amy Grilli in 25:53.  

“And I always thought zombies moved very slowly,” quipped Larner. “It must be the new breed of zombie from World War Z.”  

Emmanuela Quesada was second (27:29) and Davina Tresidder third (28:30). 


Beth Florek looks set to defend her marathon title.


Andrew Keast was too fast for Tobias Muchene. – PHOTOS: RON SHILLINGFORD

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