Credit cards (again)

“[T]he policy document on credit card usage does not apply to statutory authorities and government companies.”

—Michael Nixon, Deputy Chief Financial Secretary

The story on the use, misuse and possible abuse of Cayman Islands government credit cards has yet to be fully told.

The Compass will be returning to the subject now that former premier McKeeva Bush has been cleared of all criminal charges of corruption levied against him in relation to his behavior with credit cards in casinos.

During the trial, which proceeded for nearly a month, the Compass refrained from publishing voluminous information in our possession on credit card spending by public sector officials inside and out of central government.

To be frank, our restraint was encouraged by a “Letter to All Media Houses” sent out by Director of Public Prosecutions Cheryll Richards which referenced stories in “certain publications” about government credit cards. Not wishing to influence the trial in any way, we voluntarily agreed to withhold further stories and comment on this topic (although not all media houses took this position) during the trial.

Now that the proceedings have concluded, we will return to the subject to examine the most significant past transgressions and hopefully inform debate on establishing a workable government-wide credit card policy going forward.


  1. Let’s have it, The general perception during the whole Bush trail fiasco was that he was the sole person practicing the use of his CIG issued card. I am curious as to how the same people that continue to bash Bush over it will respond if their favorite political contender also used his card for personal purchases.

  2. Mr Michael you have me in stitches this morning, yes I am laughing, because your comments are so true.
    Yes I am also wondering where are the Bush bashers now. Said it all along, It was just a conspiracy to destroy the career of Mr. Bush. What a shame and really do not care who disagree.

  3. One would expect that given the negative portrayal of politicians’ abuse of governmental credit cards a policy guideline would be created and passed forthwith to assure responsible governmental credit card use into the future.

  4. It should not take a government mandate to know right from wrong…nobody in their right mind should be using government (or company) credit cards in casinos for gambling. The problem does seem to be widespread within the government which means someone needs to be charged with watching and auditing monthly. That person needs to be given the authority to act! If someone used one of my company credit cards in the way some government officials use the Cayman Government cards they would be fired immediately.

  5. Given the political battlefield in Cayman( Not that it’s any different anywhere else ) I personal think you would be kind of dumb to use your CIG issued card for personal use anyway. I still wonder why these well paid politicians even have to in the first place.

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