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First impressions  

As editor of What’s Hot magazine, I get to write on a number of subjects, from fitness and watersports to beauty and weddings. Our November edition always covers fall fashion, which means great clothes, accessories and knockout ensembles. 

With a great affinity for black clothing, even in the summer, you might say that my grasp of color ranges is slightly less impressive than it should be. How, therefore, could I resist the Makies Fashion app? Designed for hip young girls (and adults like myself with a myopic sense of style), it allows you to experiment with lots of different designs, colors, hairstyles, shoes, hats … everything you need to put together a “bangin” outfit, as one of my in-house stylists is wont to say. 

I realized this was a great way to test my skills, and if the result was a hideous mess of pastels and patterns, then no one would see it but me. If, however, I found my inner Lagerfeld genius, I could send my model out on the runway, and show my Vicki Fall Collection to the world. 

At only $2.99, it was a risk I was willing to take. 

How it works  

The app opens to some color and music, followed by the introduction to your model. This young lady is wearing some basic white, but not for long! There is no instruction on how to use the app, but then you really don’t need it. There are only three icons on your left-hand side, and they are pretty self explanatory. 

The first thing you’re going to do is get working on her look. You’ve got options that cover everything from skin color to hair length and color, cheeks, jaw shape, eye color, eyebrows, nose, lips and ears. 

There is a seemingly infinite number of choices to go through, along with toggle switches to make subtle changes. It’s fascinating stuff. 

Once you’ve got her looking fab with the right hairstyle and eye color, you can move to her wardrobe. This could take a while, so have a good meal before you start. After all, iPads aren’t allowed at the dinner table, right? 

Prepare to be dazzled by an endless wardrobe of clothes and accessories. It all begins with hats, and goes through glasses, scarfs, dresses, earrings, belts, tops, bottoms, shoes … absolutely everything you need to create a killer outfit. Every option allows you to choose patterns and colors, including skulls, hearts, bows, animals, statements like “OMG” and other shapes, as well as plaid, animal stripes, flowers and stars. You can even zoom in and rotate by “pinching” the screen, allowing you to make the pattern bigger. Awesome! 

When you want to get a good look at the outfit mid-creation to perhaps admire your work, or contemplate your next move, you can simply tap on the circular arrow in the top right-hand corner, and it takes you back to your model gently swaying in her garb, and the chance to maybe go and change her hair. After all, you’ve just realized that the top hat you chose will only really work with a shorter hairstyle. 

The odds are good that you’ll want to keep going, but at some point you have to take a deep breath and send her down the runway. Hopefully, Anna Wintour got your invitation! 

Just tap on the bottom option of the three at your left, and the music will pump up even louder than it was when you were getting ready. The cameras are poised, your model blows some kisses to her audience, and she’s off! 

When I tried it  

I started off with a beige complexioned young lady, and gave her long blue hair. I figured it was go-big-or-go-home time from the git-go. I decided she needed a big jaw, like I’m sporting, and eyebrows that gave her a somewhat cynical expression. Ah, those looked familiar. 

She had plump lips, because apparently those are all the rage with the Kardashians, and ears like an elf. 

As I got into the outfit, I really began to experiment. I had her in a terrific jacket with bones all over it with blue and red tones, along with a pair of leggings in completely different colors, and boots that resembled the Doc Martens I used to sport when I was in university. Yessir, this kid was looking terrific! 

I changed the hat and hair a couple of times, but overall I was pretty happy with what I’d produced. As my friend Christina might say, she looked “ridic.” Supposedly that’s a good thing. 

When my model hit the runway, she owned it, baby, and I thought “What the heck am I doing, being a writer, when I could clearly make it big in the fashion world?” 

Final thoughts  

You may not want to admit it, but you’ll have a lot of fun with the Makies Fashion app. Sure, you’ll download it for their kids, and maybe you’ll help them a little, y’know, just to make sure they know what they’re doing. But later on, don’t be surprised if you find yourself pulling out that iPad once the children have gone to bed, and seeing if you’ve got what it takes to be a contestant on Project Runway. 


  • Inexpensive.  
  • No in-app purchases.  
  • Loads and loads of design options. 


  • You’ll wish your wardrobe was this varied.  
  • You’ll want blue hair. 

Makies Fashion 

Cost: $2.99
  • Seller: MakieLab
  • Devices: iOS and Android 
Rating: E for Everyone 

Could be wellington boots … could be UGGS.


Let’s hit the runway!


Makies Fashion app will bring out the designer in you!


My fantastic attempt at an outfit.

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