Watson rebailed in criminal probe

The Cayman Islands businessman arrested in August in connection with an anti-corruption investigation still does not know whether he’ll face charges in the case.

Canover Watson, 43, answered his police bail conditions on Thursday as scheduled and was rebailed to return on Nov. 20.

The Anti-Corruption Unit of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service arrested Mr. Watson in Aug. 28 on suspicion of violations of the territory’s Anti-Corruption Law, specifically sections 13 (breach of trust), 17 (abuse of office) and 19 (conflict of interest), and on suspicion of money laundering. Since his arrest more than two months ago, Mr. Watson has not been charged with any crimes.

The criminal investigation involves the award of a multimillion-dollar contract by the Cayman Islands Health Services Authority in 2010 to a company called AIS Cayman for the use of swipe-card billing technology at the public hospital system. Mr. Watson was the chairman of the Health Services Authority board of directors at the time the contract was awarded.

The Cayman Islands Anti-Corruption Commission has been looking into certain aspects of the award and implementation of the contract the public hospital system signed with the local arm of a Caribbean company for a patient swipe card system known as CarePay for some months.

The contract for the swipe card system was awarded on Dec. 21, 2010, to AIS Cayman Ltd., an agent of St. Lucia-based Health Adjudication Systems, for a five-year period. According to the contract, AIS Cayman Ltd. was to receive US$1.37 million for initiating and implementing the computerized card swipe system. In addition, it would receive from the Cayman Islands National Insurance Company and the government Health Services Authority 4 percent of the value of every swipe card transaction approved for payment.

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