Online poll: About half planned to attend Pirates Week events

A little more than half of the resident or visitor respondents to last week’s online poll said they would attend at least one Pirates Week event this year. 

The Cayman Islands national festival started on Nov. 6 and winds up this weekend on Grand Cayman.  

A total of 46.6 percent of respondents said they thought they would attend at least one event this year. When subtracting the 43 respondents who said they wouldn’t be on Grand Cayman during Pirates Week, the number represented 51.1 percent of those who presumably would be. Of those, the largest segment – 161 people or 33.8 percent of the total respondents – said they planned on attending one or two events. 

“Mainly the events geared for children,” said one person. 

“I always like to do something, but I can’t afford more than one or two,” said another. “The gas stations have most of my money.” 

“It ain’t what it used to be when run by volunteers,” said someone else. “The early days were the best.” 

Forty-two people, or 8.8 percent of the total, said they thought they would attend three or four events during Pirates Week this year, and 19 respondents, or 4 percent, said they planned on attending more than four events over the 11-day run of the festival on Grand Cayman. None of them left comments. 

Another 212 respondents – 44.4 of the total respondents or 48.8 percent of those who would be on Grand Cayman during Pirates Week – said they didn’t think they would attend any events this year. 

“I don’t support Pirates Week,” said one person. 

“Who cares?” said someone else. 

“Pirates Week has gone downhill faster than an Olympic gold-medal skier since Dave Martins left,” said another respondent.  

Another person wrote, “… it is not about us Caymanians living and celebrating our heritage, but it’s all about tourists who hardly spend their money here.” 

“Why would I want to go to an event that draws a bunch of drunken idiots who dress up and act like fools?” asked one person. 

“When is the event that finally does something about the dump being held?” said someone else. “That one might be worth going to.”  

Forty-three people – 9 percent – said they wouldn’t be on Grand Cayman for Pirates Week this year. 

“I attended one in the Brac,” said one person. 

“I wish I were going to be there,” said someone else. 

Pirates Week was started in 1977 as a way of attracting visitors during a slow tourism period in the year. The event was held the last week of October through 2005, but moved to the second week in November in 2006 in hopes of avoiding the rainy weather that is typical of October. It has been held every year since its inception with the exception of 2004, when the recovery from Hurricane Ivan canceled the festival.  

Next week’s poll question 

How many days a week do you normally drink alcoholic beverages? 

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