National Museum celebrates 24th anniversary


Goring Avenue came alive Wednesday as the Cayman Islands National Museum celebrated its 24th anniversary. 

The “Big Ole Looky Ya” event featured local artisans displaying and selling their wares, including thatch bags and hats, jewelry, aprons, worry dolls, sea beans, soaps and artwork.  

Food stands served local dishes such as conch, whelk and turtle, and entertainment was provided by the George Town Primary School quadrille dancers, who performed for viewers in the museum courtyard. 

“The event happens every year for our anniversary, and this year we celebrated 24 years. We chose a heavy cruise ship day this year so that more people can enjoy the day, see what the vendors have to offer and enjoy the wonderful local food. The vendors also benefit from more people enquiring and purchasing their products,” said Peggy Leshikar-Denton, the National Museum’s director. 

Upstairs in the museum building, “From the Collection” opened to the public, showcasing Caymanian arts and crafts which many may not have had the opportunity to view before. Works by Wray Banker, Deal Ebanks, John Broad, Margaret Barwick, Bendel Hydes and many more local artists adorn the walls of display rooms and the two main stairwells.  


George Town Primary School quadrille dancers entertained the crowd. – PHOTO: CHRIS COURT


  1. It was a very nice day for tourist, vendors and visitors. Although there were five ships visiting only three was in George Town, while the other two was at Spots.
    There is however one concern I noted, that was One or two shop owners apparently did not welcome the Look Ya day activities in front in the location, and complained about the Police setting up road blocks reading Police.
    My comments on this is that area in front of the Museum should be closed to traffic permanently ASAP. Beside the fact that these stores in front of the Museum are opened 6 days a week, they should not feel jealous of a Look Ya day which only takes place once a year. Stores are not Caymanian owned businesses. Otherwise all was well good food from East End, Ms. Janlee Dixon and the church kitchen and too many arts and crafts to list. It was very nice and shoed the many talented persons we have on island.

  2. I don’t see any stalls with local crafts on the photo,just dancing people.

    ***Editor’s note: Thank you for your comment. The photo caption has been corrected.***

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