Vessel packed with Cuban migrants arrives in Cayman Brac

A small boat carrying 18 Cubans and with tires strapped to its hull and jugs hanging over the side arrived in Cayman Brac on Wednesday morning.  

The 12 men and six women aboard were under the supervision of Immigration Department authorities, who were making an assessment of whether the craft was able to continue on its voyage.  

One of the Cubans aboard the craft previously traveled to Cayman in makeshift boats on at least two occasions, immigration officials said.  

Cayman had just cleared out its Immigration Detention Centre earlier this month, repatriating all but one migrant housed there to Cuba.  


The boat carrying Cuban nationals arrived in Cayman Brac on Wednesday morning. – Photo: Ed Beaty


  1. I CONTINUE TO SAY IT. If these people come here in boats that are not sea worthy, I feel we should help them fix their boat, give them food and water and allow them to purchase Gas, and send them on their way. We should not refuse to help them they are humans, and we are not getting anything from the Cuban Government for keeping them here. Fis their boat for sea worthy feed them, gas them up and say good luck. If it was one of us would we not want a little hospitality?

  2. I agree with Twyla on this, why should Cayman have to bear the financial burden of repatriating them. Allowing private citizens to help them along if they wanted to would be better for them as well as Cayman, Immigration just needs to make sure they continue on their voyage. If Cuba wants them to be return they should budget money to finance this request. Cayman paying to send them to the life they are trying to escape is making them a part of the problem not a part of the solution.

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