Online poll: Most spending less on holidays this year

Less than 12 percent of the respondents to last week’s caycompass online poll said they would spend more during the holidays this year than they did last year. 

Of the 368 total respondents, the largest segment – 131 people, or 35.6 percent – said they would do a lot less holiday spending this year compared to last year. 

“Cayman is just too expensive,” said one person. 

“Unemployed due to redundancy,” said another. “ 

“The cost of living in Cayman is very high and is becoming unaffordable to even give gifts or anything else anymore,” echoed someone else. “The 22 percent duties need to be reduced to at least 18 percent. Government needs to start charging the rich investors duties where they usually waive them as it is most unfair to every Caymanian citizen living in these Cayman Islands.” 

“College is looming next year so there will be no extra money,” commented one respondent. 

“I’m a perfectly qualified and hard-working Caymanian with a family to support, but every application goes to an expat in my field,” said someone else. 

Another 84 respondents – 22.9 percent – said they would spend a little less for this year’s holidays than last year. 

“Prices keep going up: utilities with fee add-ons, food, healthcare and school fees, but my salary does not, so my budget is tighter than last year,” said one person. 

“Hopefully I’ll only spend a little less if prices haven’t increased too much,” said someone else. 

“I am trying to give more to charity and church,” said another person. “If the price of gas was lower, I could probably do a bit more.” 

A large segment – 109 people, or 29.6 percent – said they would spend about the same this year as last year for the holidays. 

“We have spent very little on Christmas since Ivan, because it can be taken away very easily. We now focus on Jesus’s birth which impacts our daily lives,” said one person. 

“We have a one-year-old at Christmas this year, so it goes up there,” said someone else. “But we’ve cut back on other areas. So, our budget remains the same.”  

Thirty-one people – 8.4 percent – said they would spend a little more for the holidays this year than last year. 

“Last year I was unemployed, so it was a gloomy Christmas,” said one respondent. “I have a good job now, so I’m going to treat those who looked out for me.” 

“I won’t go crazy with spending, but things are a bit better this year and I’m looking forward to the holidays much more than I have the past couple of years,” said another person. 

“First granddaughter to lavish gifts on!” said someone else. 

Only 13 people – 3.5 percent – said they would spend a lot more this holiday season than last year. None left comments. 

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  1. Just pay the price 
  2. Reduce the amount of waste I/we produce 
  3. Refuse to pay 
  4. Move from Cayman 
  5. Dump illegally 
  6. Other 

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