Premier: Celebrate and be thankful

Premier Alden McLaughlin urged Cayman Islands residents to put aside their differences and come together for food and fellowship to celebrate the island’s first official Cayman Thanksgiving. 

The first Sunday in December has been set aside as a national day of fellowship and gratitude, similar to the Thanksgiving holiday celebrated in the U.S. in November. 

In a message to the Cayman Islands issued Thursday, Mr. McLaughlin said Caymanians have much to be thankful for. 

“I believe sometimes we forget, in the grand scheme of things, that Cayman is blessed beyond measure.  

“Cayman Thanksgiving is meant for us to stop sniping, reflect and join together for fellowship and a meal. It is also about our Caymanian heritage, which is steeped in food, music, faith and sense of family; it’s what still connects us as a people.” 

He said the end of hurricane season is a good time to be grateful and reflect. 

“God has spared us the wrath of another atrocious storm this year, and for that we are extremely grateful,” he added. 

He also paid tribute to Kayci Rose, the “innocent child” who he said had set the process of Cayman Thanksgiving in motion by asking her parents why Cayman did not have its own national day to give thanks “for all we have.” 

A Cayman Thanksgiving celebration will be held Saturday at the Agriculture Pavilion in Lower Valley. 


Premier McLaughlin

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