McGowan is new volleyball chief

The Cayman Islands Volleyball Federation has a totally new board after its extraordinary general meeting last week.  

Kennedy McGowan has taken over from long-standing president Noel Williams in that role, and Andrea Williams is the new vice-president. Four delegates from the regional governing board North, Central America and Caribbean Volleyball Confederation oversaw the elections at the Truman Bodden Sports Complex. Earlier in the year McGowan was elected the new president, but NORCECA vetoed those elections because of the timing.  

Other new board members are Carlene Alexander (secretary), Sherry Diaz (treasurer), Glen Daykin (technical director), Taylor Burrowes-Nixon (public relations officer) and Dana Smith (extraordinary member). 

Cayman’s hosting of a NORCECA tournament at the start of the season is one of the highlights for all the competitors, and NORCECA president Cristobal Marte Hoffiz hopes the standards can be maintained when the tournament is next held here in the spring.  

Marte said that with the new setup at Public Beach, Cayman now has a beautiful permanent facility for hosting beach volleyball events.  

He added that he hopes the new board continues with the development and promotion of the sport by hosting at least two beach events in 2015, as well as indoor tournaments.  

Marte confirmed his support to the new board and added that NORCECA will continue giving its annual grant of $6,400. 

The new board is now planning future local tournaments and general promotion of local volleyball.  


Kennedy McGowan

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