Trinity to hit new notes, venues in the new year

Trinity, as the name implies, is a three-piece act that comprises Kate Allenger, Cory Allenger and Jarrett Powell. The group provides Cayman with some inventive acoustic and alternative pop tunes with a twist. We grabbed Cory Allenger to get an end-of-year update. 

What was your favorite gig you played in 2014 and why? 

Our favorite gig would have to be a wedding we played for at The Ritz. The setting and arrangements were beautiful, but also it felt really great to be a positive addition to a memorable moment in two people’s lives. 

Which other bands/acts impressed you in 2014 and why? 

Early 2014, two artists from California came down to perform for a function at The Ritz. We had some work within the area at the time, so we got to hear a bit of their music as we passed by. What truly impressed us about the act was their advanced and professional combination of coordination and skill. Their performance was different from other acts on the island and provided a different perspective to where we, as Trinity, can take our music. 

What do you have lined up for 2015? 

For 2015, we are performing every Thursday at Grand Old House, as well as at private venues for various clients. We hope to be a notable part of many other local venues around the island. 

How has Cayman’s music scene developed (or not) in 2014, and what else can be done to help musicians? 

The music scene in Cayman has really evolved from previous years. More and more tourist centers around the island are calling for the need of local musicians. Arts festivals were held a few times last year, and Caymanian artists are getting the chance to open for many mainstream artists. We feel if Cayman can find a way to fund the endeavors of local musicians, we can finally put Cayman on the map in the mainstream market. 

Any message to Cayman/your fans? 

Thanks for the support and we hope to bring you guys new music this coming year! 


Kate Allenger with Cory Allenger, left, and Jarrett Powell.

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