Three rescued at sea

Three people were rescued from the reef off Gun Bluff, East End Friday night. No injuries were reported.

Air Support, Joint Marine Unit and East End Police responded to a 911 report around 7:35 p.m. on Friday of the capsizing of a 17-foot-long aluminum boat with three people on board.

The two men and one woman were out fishing when their boat struck the reef and capsized. On arrival, East End police used a private vessel to tow the vessel. An ambulance crew also responded to the scene, but no one was injured or required hospitalization.

East End fisherman Samuel Rankine said he was home sleeping when police officer Darren Kirchman called to say some people were in distress on the Gun Bay reef and if he could assist.

Using his 28-foot vessel “Let Um Talk,” Mr. Rankine, along with Officer Kirchman and his nephew O.J. Rankine, made their way to the reef. His boat was too big to get in to where the boat had capsized so he instructed the people on the boat to turn their vessel over. A rope was tied from his boat to the stricken vessel, the three people were placed in his boat for safety, and the boat was pulled to the Ocean Frontiers dock.

Mr. Rankine said the people on the boat said they had left Frank Sound dock to go fishing from 3:30 p.m. and could not find their way back inside the reef. The captain of the boat said he had come too close to the reef and a big wave had turned the boat over.

The Police Marine Unit reported to the scene and the Cayman Islands Police helicopter monitored the rescue from the air with spotlights.

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