Online poll: Most eat fast food monthly

Almost 90 percent of the respondents to last week’s online poll say they sometimes eat what they consider fast food, and more than 60 percent said they eat it at least two or three times a month. 

Of the 427 total respondents to the one-week poll, the largest segment – 186 people or 43.5 percent – said they ate fast food two or three times a month. 

“It’s easier and usually faster,” said one person. 

“Hamburgers and drive-through take out,” said someone else. “It’s fast.” 

“Patties,” said another person. “I’m usually in a rush and it’s accessible,” said one respondent. 

“Because it’s fast, filling and convenient,” said another. 

“I used to eat a lot more fast food – three to four times per week – but realized it wasn’t doing me any favors, so am opting to cook for myself and save a bit of money,” said someone else. 

“I try to eat healthy,” commented another. 

Another 66 people – 15.5 percent – said they ate fast food two or three times a week. 

“Sometimes it’s the easiest thing, though not the cheapest by far, when I’m busy at work,” said one person. “I don’t get it for my children too often – only as a treat at times when they haven’t had it in a while and ask if they can.” 

“No time to cook,” said someone else. “I’m always doing something or rushing to go somewhere.” 

“Even grab-and-go snacks are fast foods,” said another person. “A few times a week there is no time to sit and enjoy a home-cooked meal.”  

One person noted the healthy side of fast food. 

“Smaller portions and nutritional info help me lose weight,” he or she said. 

Only 12 people – 2.8 percent – said they ate fast food every day. 

“I love it,” said one person. 

“Because the dump will kill us all long before fast food can,” said someone else sarcastically.  

Another large segment of respondents – 119 people or 27.9 percent – said they eat fast food two or three times a year. 

“It’s probably more like six or seven times a year, usually fried chicken, but sometimes Burger King in a pinch,” said one person. 

“Tasty, but typically poor-quality ingredients,” said someone else. 

“I try to eat healthy meals as much as possible,” said another person. “Having fast food now and then makes it seem like a treat.” 

“It’s so unhealthy,” commented one person. “My body deserves better. I only get one life. I’d rather be fit and healthy than fat and unhealthy – a direct result of junk food and all those empty calories. And, really, there isn’t much junk food that tastes very good. Sure I love a pizza about once a year, but homemade (which I don’t classify as ‘junk food’ and is so much more delicious than a take-away pizza). Same goes for burgers, fish and chips. The one thing I do love is a roti – but I think I’d classify that as fast food rather than junk food. It’s just as expensive or more than “cooked” food.”  

“Fast food has become too expensive,” said another person. “For the cost of a fast food meal, which can cost in total around $9, I can purchase a nice plate of food from a local restaurant.” 

“I prefer to eat at home,” said someone else. 

Forty-four people – 10.3 percent – said they never eat fast food.  

“You are what you eat,” said one person. “It is unhealthy,” said another. 

“Fast food is a laboratory experiment, a chemical-laden nightmare guaranteed to bring on a host of diseases including obesity,” said someone else. “I will stick to clean, wholesome eating which is often faster to put together and can truly be called food.” 

Next week’s poll question 

Which driving practice in Cayman irritates you the most? [Explain why in comments] 

  1. Not using turn signals 
  2. Talking or texting on a handheld mobile phone while driving 
  3. Improper roundabout usage 
  4. Motorcycles passing on the left 
  5. Illegal parking 
  6. Other 

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