Cayman to light up in lavender for World Cancer Day

The Cayman Islands Cancer Society is painting the town lavender to mark World Cancer Day on Wednesday.

“Everyone knows the iconic pink ribbon is the awareness color for breast cancer [awareness], but not everyone knows that lavender is the awareness color for all cancers,” said Jennifer Weber, operations manager at the Cayman Islands Cancer Society.

Companies, businesses and individuals are being asked to light up their facilities with lavender lights and to do something special to raise money and awareness for the fight against cancer and in memory and honor of those who have been impacted by the disease.

The “Light Up Lavender” cancer campaign is to get people’s attention on the many types of cancers and to promote a positive and proactive approach to the disease, Ms. Weber said.

Camana Bay will be lighting up in lavender as will the Walkers/Intertrust and UBS buildings in George Town on Wednesday night. It’s not just buildings that will have a lavender tint – two big swimming pools on island, the Lions Aquatic Centre and Camana Bay Aquatic Club, will be joining in.

Cayman Islands National Gallery Director Natalie Urquhart said the front of the gallery will also be lit up in lavender in support of “this worthy new initiative by the Cancer Society.”

She added, “Several of the participants in our outreach programs and artists we have worked with, most recently David Bridgeman, have experienced firsthand the devastating effects of this illness and we know art can be an important part of working through it.”

The money collected by the Cancer Society will go to helping people in Cayman with information, prevention, education programs or direct programs and assistance for people who have cancer.

“The money we get is for Cayman and we use it in Cayman,” Ms. Weber said.

The theme of this year’s World Cancer Day is “Not beyond us” and aims to highlight that solutions do exist across the continuum of cancer, and that they are within reach, according to the website.

For more information on the Cayman Islands Cancer Society, call 949-7618.