Plane with flammable cargo makes emergency landing

Roads surrounding the Owen Roberts International Airport were closed briefly Wednesday morning when a DHL plane carrying a cargo of flammable goods made an emergency landing. 

No injuries were reported. 

Police, fire and ambulance crews were placed on standby at the airport from about 10:23 a.m. when a report that the plane was experiencing engine trouble was received by airport controllers. 

Airport Fire Service station officer Sherman Yates said the emergency landing of the Boeing 757 with three crew on board prompted a “full emergency” response. 

“The cargo on board was dangerous goods,” he said. “It was resin solution – flammable liquids.” 

Landed on one engine 

Mr. Yates said the plane landed on one engine after the aircraft suffered a loss of oil pressure. “They shut down one engine and landed on one engine,” he said. 

According to the Cayman Islands Airports Authority, the plane, which was on its way to Costa Rica from Miami, diverted to Cayman for the landing because of the engine problems. 

The aircraft landed without incident at 10:35 a.m. and the stand down was given at 10:39 a.m., said Kafara Augustine, a spokeswoman for the airports authority. 

Mr. Yates said the plane would remain at Owen Roberts until repairs were carried out, which he said would entail swapping out the engine. 

Second emergency landing in three weeks 

This was the second reported emergency landing at the airport in three weeks. 

On Jan. 27, a cargo plane that made an emergency landing veered off the runway into the grass, forcing the airport to shut down.  

Following that landing, the airport was closed for several hours and other flights were diverted or canceled while emergency and airport staff worked to move the plane from the vicinity of the runway. 


Fire crews and other emergency services were on standby as a DHL cargo plane landed on one engine on Wednesday morming. – PHOTO: NORMA CONNOLLY