Occupation Day at Bodden Town Primary

Students at Bodden Town Primary now have a better idea of what jobs are available to them in the working world, after the school hosted Occupation Day on Friday. 

Throughout the day, the children met chefs, policemen, authors, journalists, customs officers, construction workers, firemen and doctors, with each classroom showcasing a different occupation in the community. 

Presenters from various sectors made presentations about their job descriptions, and the necessary steps that are needed to enter that field of work. 

Many of the students were dressed in uniform or in clothing appropriate for the careers they one day hoped to take up. 

Year 1 student India Bush said, “I want to be a chef because I like to cook and I see my friend cooking bananas at home.” 

Joshua Acosta wants to be a journalist. “I like to do different kinds of things. I like to take pictures of cars racing and write about football,” he said. 

Kimberly Litrico, deputy principal at Bodden Town Primary, said it was very important to host Occupation Day because it gives pupils an idea of what jobs are out there and what professions they can go into. 

“Sometimes young people may look at an occupation and say being a chef is easy, but they do not [realise] what goes into or behind it. This is a good way to open their minds to know exactly what it entails,” she said. 

Ms. Litrico said the day was a collaboration between students and teachers. “We looked at occupations of parents of pupils in the classrooms that could offer expertise, and based on what students and teachers wanted, they chose that occupation to highlight,” she said. 


Joshua Acosta, with camera, wants to be a journalist. – PHOTOS: JEWEL LEVY


Daniel Powery, left, wants to be a policeman, while Jayden Moore has ambitions to be an author.

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