Tornadoes storm through

Following the results of round 3 where both DMS and AON Red Tornadoes were joint top of the Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League, round 4 proved to be a varied evening of action.

DMS were missing their stalwart and A player Neil Stone-Wigg, which put a serious kink in their side.

That said, they managed to attain a respectable seven points from a fired up UBS side, narrowly losing 3-2 in matches.

David Finch took full advantage in the A position for UBS and cleaned up Jorge Vera of DMS 3-0.

B and C matches went DMS’s way, both 3-1, leaving the D string and doubles to decide the outcome.

Taka Hamilton of UBS outplayed Jeff Jones for a 3-1 win and the doubles match showed that UBS had better communication than DMS on this occasion and comfortably cruised to victory.

AON Red Tornadoes were flying, although they had a better line-up than usual.

Controversial team line-up was mumbled throughout the crowd who were witnessing an assassination at A and B positions against the cold blooded KPMG Kobras.

The brilliant Gabe Rabess played A and talented Steve Smith B for AON.

KPMG’s Erik Fell took the brunt of Rabess’s firepower whilst Patrick McConvey got caught in the slipstream of Smith, both losing 3-0. Eddie Nolons at C for the Kobras claimed two games from Robert Tate in the tightest contest of the evening.

The D match went to Alexandra Artuch for AON, who is full of confidence after claiming the Cayman national Under-17 girls title last weekend, against Gautham Ganeshan.

AON Red Tornadoes achieved maximum points, which took them three points clear at the top of the table.

The Undecided moved up from fifth to third with a solid 4-1 victory over RBC Lions and Baker Tilly claimed a respectable seven points from KPMG Kman to take them off the bottom of the table.

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