Public health officials clarify meningitis vaccine guidelines

Following up on a suspected case of meningitis on island, the Public Health Department issued a statement to remind the public that the meningococcal vaccine MPSV4 is offered mainly to students attending school overseas, especially those who reside in dormitories, and travelers to countries in which meningitis is endemic.  

Only those in need of the vaccines for the reasons noted are required to have the vaccine and may contact the department for an appointment to be vaccinated.  

Last week, the Public Health Department issued a statement saying it was maintaining a “heightened state of awareness and vigilance” regarding a suspected case of meningitis. 

Health officials were still awaiting laboratory test results in the case and were working with health authorities from overseas to determine whether a public health response was warranted.  

The department’s statement last Tuesday followed the death last month of a young man suspected of having the disease. 

Acting Medical Officer of Health Dr. Samuel Williams said other than that one suspected case, no other cases of suspected meningitis have been reported to the Public Health Department. 

For further information, contact the Public Health Department on 244-2648. 

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