Galaxy have star touch

After three rounds of the National Mixed Touch Rugby Championships 2015, there are two teams still unbeaten and, not surprisingly, both were the pre-tournament favorites, Maples Galaxy and SteppingStones. 

With a team roster awash with great players, Maples Galaxy play the game at an unrelenting pace and trample over opponents.  

And so it was when they ran amok against their namesakes Maples, with Riley Mullen grabbing a six-try haul. Galaxy won 13-1. 

SteppingStones rely on fast pick-ups, swerving side-steps, and mesmerizing interchanges to overcome opponents. Morgan Shelver, Neil Montgomery and Simon Raftopoulos are their key players. This year they have recruited well, adding Neal Ainscow and Jayme Farrell. 

Island Air have been competitive when they have had a full roster and, with newcomer Blake James on board, they are even more competitive, with their only defeat so far to SteppingStones. 

Team Bye is developing nicely as a team. Two wins out of three is a good start to the league but they have some heavyweights to play in the upcoming weeks. Brandon Smith, Cassianne Lawrence and Rich Gordon have provided the bulk of their tries. 

Heineken Brew Crew play with a refreshing ad hoc looseness, seemingly casually throwing the ball around, but when the opportunity arises they deliver some killer moves through the pace of Keswick Wright and the ball handling of Justin Wight and Fijian flyer Venasio Toketokevanua. 

Maples and KPMG are big on heart but small on points at the moment. Largely drawn from staff of those firms, they play with a camaraderie that only working in the same office can bring. Neither has won so far but they are looking forward to playing against each other to see which team can come out on top. 

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