Tornadoes storm blows away UBS

Baker Tilly faced off against the RBC Lions, who were hungry for points.

RBC Lions were indomitable and managed to score the maximum 13 points, their best performance this season. Alistair Cowper, the RBC captain, was outstanding, managing a gutsy 3-2 win against Dwight Dube, with both players fighting until the end.

KPMG Kobras beat Undecided 9 points to 5. Undecided’s super substitute Daniel Murphy beat Claire Roscoe 3-1. Despite the loss, Undecided remain in third place.

DMS, led by their A player, Neil Stone-Wigg, had another storming victory, claiming the full 13 points for the second week in a row. This leaves them only three points behind top team AON Red Tornadoes with only one week of league matches to go.

UBS played the Tornadoes. Despite excellent performances from UBS, AON were just too strong and were the third team of the night to claim the maximum 13 points, keeping them in top position.

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