Scuba diver dies off East End

An American tourist died after a scuba diving accident off East End on Tuesday.

The 62-year-old diver from Alabama was a passenger on board the Cayman Aggressor live-aboard dive boat.

Other divers from the Aggressor returned to the boat and raised the alarm that the man had gone missing during a dive Tuesday morning.

His body was discovered nearby, floating face down in the water, by crew from Ocean Frontiers dive shop who joined the search after the Aggressor’s crew raised the alarm on the radio.

Staff from Ocean Frontiers recovered the man’s body just before 11 a.m. The death is the eighth in Cayman’s waters this year.

The man was understood to be traveling alone. Staff from the Aggressor were trying to get in touch with his family in the U.S. Tuesday afternoon and said they were unable to comment on the incident.

Steve Broadbelt of Ocean Frontiers said one of its dive boats was returning from a morning trip when they received a call to assist the search. He said the captain had spotted the diver’s body floating in the water, off shore from the blow holes.

He said it was clear that the man was dead. They alerted the Aggressor and the police and brought the body to the dock at the dive shop in East End.

The cause of death was not immediately obvious, he said.

Police confirmed that a visitor had died in a diving accident off Lover’s Wall and said the death was under investigation.

Seven people have died and a eighth is missing and presumed drowned in local waters since the start of 2015, one of the deadliest years so far over the past decade.


  1. I have to think that something is going wrong by the many deaths of elder people. The sense of responsibility to our visitors/ passengers. When I was a charter boat captain, I made sure that everyone on board got safety and snorkeling instructions before getting into the water, if I had any doubts about anyone abilities, I took all safety precautions to make sure they were kept safe at all times. I think that this is the time that we should be thinking about the future of our Islands Tourism and start making it a more unique and safe to visit. Remember what we’re hearing about Cuba.

  2. As an older but well experienced local diver I know that currents can be strong off East End.
    Even though the diving and snorkeling are spectacular.

    As a local I can choose when to dive and can pick the calmest days. Tourists don’t have that luxury. But they should always dive within their physical abilities.