Police called to soccer fracas; no criminal complaints

Police were called to a Premier League football match Sunday evening after fans invaded the pitch. 

Officers responded to reports of at least 20 people fighting at the Annex in George Town where Sunset Football Club was playing against Cayman Athletic in a top-of-the-table Premier League clash. 

The trouble apparently stemmed from a flare-up between the Sunset goalkeeper and an opposing forward in the final minutes of the match.  

Several players and officials from both sides were reported to have squared off before supporters of Cayman Athletic jumped the barriers, ran onto the pitch and joined in.  

After a delay of approximately 10 minutes, the match continued, with Cayman Athletic emerging with a 4-3 win. 

Players from Sunset, mostly made up of expatriates, were said to have faced xenophobic abuse during the melee just after 9 p.m. Sunday. 

Police Chief Superintendant Adrian Seales said officers responded to reports of a disturbance stemming from an on-field incident. 

He said, “This caused players to disagree and spectators swarmed the field. The game continued after five police officers attended and stayed throughout the duration of the game. Uniform presence remained until the spectators left the game.” He said no criminal complaint had been made. 

A Cayman Islands Football Association spokesman said the association was in the process of getting reports from all parties for an investigation. 

Ernie “Gillie” Seymour, technical director for Cayman Athletic, said police were called to control the crowd. He said there was a lot of “verbals,” but no one was hurt. 

“There were people shouting things but no fans came on fighting. They were shouting things and then security came and took them off the field. 

“If it was that bad, the game would have been called off,” he added. 

Kevin Poole, club secretary for Sunset F.C., confirmed that the incident between Sunset and Cayman Athletic was being investigated by the football association. “The club will provide CIFA with our full cooperation and any further comment before CIFA has carried out their investigation would be inappropriate,” he said.