Cayman author presents in NYC

A collection of essays about raising six kids in the foothills of Alberta, Canada, compiled in a book to raise money for literacy in Cayman, will be shared this week by the author at a gallery in New York City. 

Faye Lippitt, author of “Sixteen Chickens on a Trampoline,” will be featured Thursday night at the Leonard Tourney Gallery, just off Madison Avenue near Central Park, along with artist Christel Ibsen for a Cayman-centric evening. Ms. Ibsen, who splits her time between New York, France and Cayman, has an exhibit at the gallery this month and invited Ms. Lippitt to launch her book in the United States on the evening. 

Ms. Lippitt said the collection of essays is meant, in a way, as a how-to book for parenting. “It’s how to raise children with laughter instead of anger,” she said in a recent interview. As a parent “you can yell, you can cry, but you always have a choice.”  

The essays, originally published by Canadian magazine Grainews, which focuses on farm life, chronicle Ms. Lippitt’s adventures raising six children, including two sets of twins, just south of Calgary. They’ve grown up – ranging in age from 24 to 33 – and now Ms. Lippett has grandchildren to laugh and play with. 

The gallery event is meant to be something of a throwback to a Parisian salon, Ms. Lippitt said, with more discussion than presentation, and collaboration between the visual and written arts.  

Proceeds from sales of the book go to support Rotary Sunrise’s Literacy is for Everyone program, which runs several programs to help teach reading in Cayman. The organization’s efforts assist anyone from Year 1 students to adults. 

“If we can get the kids to be literate and stay in school, we will have fewer teen pregnancies, fewer gangs, and more employable Caymanians,” said Ms. Lippitt, who serves on the executive team for Rotary’s literacy program. 

The organization, better known by its acronym LIFE, works in schools to pair volunteers and retired teachers with students for individual reading time and helps parents learn to read to their children. It also runs a program for older students and adults using software to help with basic reading and math skills. 

Ms. Lippitt said the program is meant to intervene with younger students before they fall behind. Some students, she pointed out, “can get to high school with grade 3 reading.” 

“Sixteen Chickens on a Trampoline” is for sale at Books & Books, The Book Nook, Foster’s Airport and Foster’s Strand. 


Faye Lippit will share stories from her book Thursday night at a gallery in New York City.