Three charged with pedestrian's robbery

Victim’s finger was broken

Two men and a woman have had charges of robbery transmitted to the Grand Court in relation to a robbery of a female pedestrian last week along West Bay Road.

Othneil Hezekiah Williams, 18, and Darrel Anthony Williams, 20, appeared in Summary Court on Monday, April 20, when Magistrate Grace Donalds refused bail and directed that they be brought to the Grand Court on Friday, May 1.  

The two are charged with stealing a purse from a woman in the early hours of Friday, April 17, on West Bay Road, in the vicinity of Cayman Reef, and using force or fear of force in order to do so. 

Items stolen with the purse included US$8, CI$4, a Tissot watch, rosary beads and bank cards. 

Robbery is a charge that can be heard only in the Grand Court. 

On Thursday, April 23, Andriana Shanice Ebanks was brought before Magistrate Kirsty-Ann Gunn. 

Ebanks, 21, was also charged with the robbery. 

Senior Crown counsel Nicole Petit said the robbery was perpetrated by one person wielding a machete. The victim received a broken finger as a result of violence used. The robber then fled in a vehicle. 

Ms. Petit said it was believed that five individuals were involved, two of whom were still at large. She explained that the Penal Code provides that a person who aids and abets another person in committing an offense is deemed to have taken part in committing the offense and to have committed it. On that basis the person may be charged with actually committing the offense. 

Ebanks was said to have been in the vehicle with others at the time of the robbery, Ms. Petit said. 

She accepted that this defendant had no previous convictions, but objected to bail on other grounds. 

The magistrate refused Ebanks’s application for bail and ordered that she also be brought to Grand Court on May 1. 


  1. They should add up the amount of money stolen, and slap that on them for the amount of years in lockup…. brats today I tell you