Earth Month survey asks about cycling to work

To celebrate Earth Month, the Department of Environment is running a series of surveys on environmental issues. This week, the department wants to know what people think about riding a bicycle to work. 

The hope is, a department spokesman said, “to ascertain what the difficulties and barriers are to prevent people from bike commuting.”  

He said the survey has been getting a lot of responses every day, with a wide range of issues from road safety to not having a place to lock up a bicycle or take a shower at work after commuting by bike. 

He said the department may keep the online survey running longer beyond this week since the response has been so strong.  

The Department of Environment has run two other surveys this month to ask people in Cayman about renewable energy and public transport. The spokesman said next week’s survey will ask about home energy efficiency.  

The spokesman called the surveys “a fact-finding mission.” He said the department hopes to “better inform government about issues with cycling” and other topics from the surveys.  

He said he rides a bicycle occasionally and hasn’t had safety issues himself, but added, “Obviously, issues of personal safety are a pretty common thing.” 

The survey is available online at


Cyclists ride along South Sound Road. The Department of Environment is currently carrying out a survey about cycling in Cayman.- PHOTO: RON SHILLINGFORD