Always know 'weather' you should grab your umbrella

First impressions 

If you’re on Facebook, you’ve probably seen friends posting temperatures and weather forecasts from around the globe. In the Cayman Islands, we gleefully post reports of sunny days ahead, with temperatures in the 80s, even as family members shiver up north or down south. 

Whether we’re traveling or at home, we all look to the weather when we’re making plans. Will it be chilly? Will I need an umbrella? Can I do without that heinous scarf or should I bundle myself up like the Michelin Man? 

For some, merely having access to a quick screenshot is all they need to keep them happy, but for others, they need to delve deeper into the psyche of Mother Nature. They want to know the temperature, wind speeds, chances of precipitation, number of clouds in the sky and barometric pressure on an hourly basis, so they can fascinate anyone lucky enough to be stuck with them at a cocktail party. After all, nothing holds people’s attention like an in-depth knowledge of the last week’s dew points. 

If the above describes you in any way, what you need is the Weather Nerd app. It is a beautifully designed inside track on all things atmospheric, that offers hourly, daily, weekly and even monthly predictions to help you prepare your wardrobe in advance. 

Right now, this app is on special in the iTunes store, in celebration of the Apple Watch release, but even if you don’t get to take advantage of the 20 percent discount, you may not be able to resist its siren song. I certainly was unable to, and now I’m ready to impress my friends and dazzle my enemies. 

How it works 

When you first open the app, it’ll ask if it can access your location, which makes logical sense if you want to know the forecast for your area. It will also give you a few hints and tips, but really it is quite self-explanatory. 

Along the bottom, you’ll see the various time lines it offers, including “Hour,” “Today,” “Tomorrow,” “Week,” and “Calendar.” Obviously the longer time period you choose, the less accurate the data will become; relying more upon historical information than solid predictions. At present, the hourly forecast is only available in limited countries, such as the U.S. and the U.K., but the developer plans to expand the number in the future. 

Tap on “Today,” and you’ll see a graph charting the present and expected temperatures as the day progresses, with fans indicating wind speeds. If you see a light blue area with little strips of white heading downward through it, that’s our old friend Mister Precipitation heading in our direction. 

The thin vertical line indicates the local time. 

If you tap and hold the graph, it gives you more information along the top, and you can swipe slowly either left or right to get moment by moment data, including how today’s temperature compares with yesterday’s. Just imagine people hanging on your every word! That alone will be worth the price of this app. 

Just under the graph is a further breakdown, where it tells you not just the exact temperature outside, but also what it feels like. It will surprise no one to see that although an average day this April comes in at about 85 degrees, the app says it feels like 97. It could also say “85 degrees, Feels like menopause” – just as accurate. 

You’ll then be privy to the highs and lows of the day, cloud cover, wind speeds and direction, moon percentage, humidity, and dawn and dusk time. If all that’s not enough to satisfy you, and you crave the absolute minutiae of weather predictions, tap on “Nerd Out.” Prepare to be overwhelmed with figures of such specificity, that you’ll soon be kicking Dr. Steve Lyons out of his Weather Channel chair with confidence and gusto. 

Want to see what temperatures to expect for your birthday, months in advance? Go to the calendar, and tap on your birthdate. It’ll show you what you could be in for, based on averages from years gone by. 

You can change the location by tapping the symbol in the top right hand corner, so you can see the weather conditions anywhere else in the world, and you can adjust your settings by tapping on the cog symbol in the top left hand corner. This is where you set up daily alerts, degree units, and various other preferences. 

When I tried it 

I have to admit that I was pretty enchanted with this app from the beginning. I may not have gone into insane detail, but it was interesting to see the forecast for the day ahead; what the odds were of rain; and so on. I also quickly went to see what the temperature was likely to be on my birthday in September. Yep, seven squillion degrees, just as I predicted. Maybe I should have looked up that date for Antarctica … 

By the time I had given the app a thorough going through, it announced that it was 86 degrees outside, but felt like 100. Word. 

Final thoughts 

All weather nerds need this app. It is presently selling for $3.99, but that’s with the 20 percent discount I mentioned earlier. However, considering the boggling amount of data it offers, sending your social stock value soaring into the stratosphere, surely it’s worthwhile at any price? 

The purchase gives you one year’s access, and then you can renew your subscription for the same cost next year. That being said, if you’re a big enough nerd to buy this app, you’ll probably have constructed your own weather balloon by January 2016, and may not need it any longer. 

The Weather Nerd app gives you lots of interesting information for the money. 


Good price for what you get. Weather data to keep you going for hours. Nice graphics and features. 


Needs the Internet to work. Could make you a party pariah. 

  • Weather Nerd – Forecasts and Radar
Cost: $3.99 (limited special price)
  • Seller: All Star Apps, LLC
Devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
Rating: E for Everyone 

If that’s in Fahrenheit, I wanna move to Cupertino.


See what temperature it’s reading, versus what it actually feels like outside.


Are you a Weather Nerd?


Imagine having this information at your fingertips.

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