'Demon sculpture' burns Brac residents

A statue depicting a demon on Cayman Brac’s South Side has some Brackers concerned that the “devil’s work” has come to their island.  

The statue was smashed, vandalized and knocked over Wednesday night, according to sculptor and Brac resident Ron “Foots” Kynes.  

Perched on top of a rock base that reads “Mephistopheles Throne,” the 10-foot statue is painted in dark red stain, has blood-red eyes and pointed ears, and holds a pitchfork and skull.  

“It is the devil with a skeleton head resting in its crotch and something to do with some German or Russian story written at the base,” said Elvis McKeever, who lives next door to Mr. Kynes. He said he was offended by the sculpture. “It is not artwork, it is vindictiveness. It is devil-worshipping. He has built the devil with his wings, his fork and skeleton head. He burned the first one down, now he’s building another one of the ugly looking things again.”  

Mr. Kynes’s previous sculpture, a goat’s head on a crucifix with the number 666 on it, also drew criticism from Brac residents after he created it more than a year ago. The controversial sculpture went up in smoke in March after Mr. Kynes set it alight. 

At that time, residents said they did not appreciate the artistic works, calling the items disrespectful to the Christian community. Some demanded that the government intervene. 

Brac Commissioner Ernie Scott said the situation has come to his attention a number of times and he had discussed it with the relevant people in government and the police.  

Local police said they asked government lawyers if there was any way to have the statue removed, but were told to “let it be.”  

Mr. Scott said most people on the island remain upset about Mr. Kynes’s choice of art. He also said the artist’s work had gotten more offensive in the last year or so, in the view of local residents. 

Mr. Kynes said no one had complained about the statue, other than Mr. McKeever.  

“The new sculpture is a representation of German folklore and it’s how I view the darkness in today’s world,” said Mr. Kynes. “It is a depiction of Faust. Faust sold his soul to the devil in an ancient German legend. He was not satisfied with his life and he sold his soul for power, riches and fame. And that is not a good thing.”  

Mr. Kynes said this sculpture is separate from the original “Apocalypse Now” sculpture, and that he is now working to complete the final stage of a planned triptych. 

He said he called the police about the vandalism of the sculpture. The officers took pictures and said they would get back in contact.  

“I spent a great deal of time sculpturing and molding that piece, which I worked on all Thursday morning to put back together,” Mr. Kynes said. 

For those not happy with the artwork, Mr. Kynes said tourists love it, and it has become a big photo opportunity with them. “Literally, I have hundreds of people in the yard. Tourists come by to look at the art around the yard, which is somewhat like a gallery inside and out. It is quite a tourist attraction.”  

He said tour operators bring visitors through by the busload when the cruise ships are in port. “I do not sell or charge anything. I am 60-something and [have] never sold a piece of artwork.” 

Police Superintendent Adrian Seales said police officers on Cayman Brac are looking into the circumstances of the reported vandalism.  


The new sculpture is a representation of German folklore, according to Ron Kynes, aka Foots. – Photo: Ed Beaty


  1. Why do Brackers need "German" folkloric sculpture despoiling their beautiful South Side roadway? No matter how good an artisan in crafting cement for his purposes Mr. Kynes is insulting Caymanians with his sculptures. The previous one, featuring a goat’s skull atop a crucifix marked 666, and a toilet, was immolated by the artist. Unfinished Kynes work: the army of unsunken life-size cement figures standing guard on the north side at Stake Bay are baleful and Kynes hasn’t added them in years to his Atlantis oeuvre under the sea. Perhaps the sculptor will be kind enough to auto-da-fe his "Mephistopheles Throne". And soon.

  2. This incident highlights not only the fallacies taught by religion, but also the decline in our education system.

    If we were educating our population, they would know who Faust was. They would have the critical thinking skills, the logic and the reasoning skills to draw parallels between Faust and religion and understand how the two are meant to be complementary to each other.

    The religious fallacies are: 1) These vandals will claim to be protecting Christian ideals by fighting the devil. They will conveniently ignore that their God gave the world freedom of will, and that they are in fact sinning by denying the artist his freedom of will to explore options other than Christianity. 2) The perpetrators will claim to be loving, accepting and welcoming of all, because their faith instructs them to be. They will not see how their behavior contradicts those ideals and instead alienates people and paints a target on the back of all Christians.

    There are many other examples I could type, but these should suffice. I deplore the way in which my country continues to de-evolve. It would be nice if our government spoke out to denounce the people who destroyed this man’s art. It would be nice, if they took strong action against both the perpetrators, but also in developing a framework protecting the rights of all our citizens and not just the ones deemed socially acceptable. It would be nice if a Christian stepped forward and turned the criminals in and said, "This does not exemplify my faith. It is wrong."

    Unfortunately, nobody is going to recognize how acts of this kind harm society as a whole, when we rush to excuse and defend those responsible.

  3. Seriously?? This… AGAIN????

    For crying out loud let the man be, he is damn well entitled to do whatever he wants.

    That is his choice in what he does, you cannot dictate and force others to conform to your own religious opinion just because its Offensive.

    In my eyes, im starting to see this a form of religious extremism.

    If you made a sculpture of something, and had it out in your own yard, and someone came and vandalized it, how would you feel?

    Why must people who don’t like something, feel the need to commit petty crimes, when the subject at hand doesn’t even affect them to begin with?

    Do I agree with the content of the said sculpture? No, I don’t, but I’m not going to vandalize someone’s property just because it doesn’t conform to my own religious views.. but who am I to Judge, let the man without sin cast the first stone.

    How come we have the "Hell" Attraction in West Bay, yet how come nothing is ever said about that???

  4. Walk round any medieval cathedral in europe and you will see no end of sculptures of Demons and Devils, This one is mild by comparison.

    While the preacher delivered a verbal "fire and brimstone" sermon, the sculptures outside served to reinforce the same message

    I’m sure there are many preachers that wish they could generate a similar level of passion in their flock,
    Sermons may fade but a sculpture is an ever present warning and if it makes people feel uncomfortable, then actually they’re not missing the point.

  5. Oh for goodness sake — not again?
    One of Grand Caymans main tourist’s attractions is "Hell". There you can have your post cards officially stamped "Hell" at our government post office. There you can have your photo taken with Ivan who dresses up like the devil. Red horns sprout from his head and he carries a pitchfork and he makes our visitors very happy. The Caymanian cab drivers love it , the Caymanian tour operators love it and the tourists flock it, here Lucifer is money in the pocket. You can buy satanic souvenirs in formats of t- shirts, hats and towels. The shirts say " Been to hell-Grand Cayman" , "Go to hell -Grand Cayman" . Just down the road are a few churches and a school where school children happily play in the yard. Devils Hang Out , Grand Cayman has been around since 1985, since then it’s received its share of well-deserved, positive publicity in USA Today, Inside Edition and every local tourist related magazine distributed in our hotels and condos. Ivan Farrington, the hard working Caymanian ambassador ( and Devil) receives fan mail from all over the world and has had his photo taken a million times. He’s been invited to appear at "Cayman-Night" in Port Arthur, Texas and "Cayman’s famous Devil" has even had medals pinned on him at Hero’s Day. All this fame built around a demon, and yet….. NOT A PEEP from anyone. What the hell? Why is that? Maybe it’s because the Brac Devil architect is an x-pat, a foreigner, a paper Caymanian, if that be the case — that’s down right evil.

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