Dixon passes on judo skills

Ivette Dixon has graduated from the International Coaching Enrichment Certificate Program under the auspices of the International Olympic Committee and the University of Delaware.

The program consisted of four modules scheduled over an academic year. Dixon worked with an international tutor with the intention of promoting judo in the Cayman Islands.

Dixon’s first project is to develop a comprehensive grassroots judo program.

“I have come across many obstacles while I have been trying to establish the sport of judo in the Cayman Islands,” she said. “Many people do not understand the benefit of sport in the community, and it has been difficult for me to make progress.”

She teaches judo in her spare time.

“I have been working with minimal material resources, and I was looking for direction through ICECP,” she said.

Dixon has worked alongside the Cayman Islands Judo Federation to organize the first judo inter-school tournament, open to the public free of charge, on June 13.

Volunteers are needed. Call Dixon on 928-6755. For more information on educational opportunities available through the CIOC, contact [email protected] or phone 946-6984.

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